Tulane University

Introduction to Tulane University

In 1834, Tulane University was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana. At the time, it was a public medical college. An endowment from Paul Tulane and Josephine Louise Newcomb made it possible for the college to become a private university in the late 1800s.

Tulane University offers summer, spring and fall semesters. Some online classes are offered as well.

Student Life at Tulane University

New Orleans has a solid reputation for its vibrant culture and diverse population. Tulane University embraces this by providing students with many opportunities to get to interact and build personal and professional relationships.

The university boasts the most geographically diverse student population of any other university in the U.S. The majority of students travel more than 500 miles to attend classes.

The Tulane Hullabaloo, the university's student newspaper, gives students a forum to share ideas and information about activities.

FAQs on Tulane University

Is Tulane University Accredited?

Tulane University has programs accredited by many regulatory organizations, including the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and the American Board of Medical Genetics.

What Are Some Requirements for Tulane University?

Prospective Tulane University students should fill out an application, forward a copy of SAT or ACT scores and have an official copy of their transcripts sent to the school. While the university does not have specific requirements, the application process is competitive.

Typically, students should have SAT and ACT scores above the 50th percentile. While the university considers GPA when admitting prospective students, it also understands that grades and class rank vary from school to school and can therefore be an unreliable prediction of collegiate performance.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Tulane University?

Tulane University's financial aid office can help you find a financial aid program that suits your needs. The financial aid office also has information regarding scholarships, including academic, need-based and athletics.

What Are the Career Possibilities With Tulane University?

Students who have earned their degrees from Tulane University should have the training and skills that they need for success in a competitive job market. The university offers programs that prepare students for careers in social work, engineering, public health, medicine, law, architecture, education and business.

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