Thomas Edison State College

Introduction to Thomas Edison State College

Located in Trenton, New Jersey, and named after the inventor Thomas Edison, Thomas Edison State College is a senior public institution designed to help adults advance their education. The college offers the opportunity to study over 100 subjects.

The prestigious John S. Watson Institute for Public Policy makes Thomas Edison State College its home. The institute offers public policy analysis services to government groups, as well as community groups and private companies.

Thomas Edison State College has 12 terms each year, which allows students several opportunities to get the training and skills necessary to further their careers or begin new jobs. Students can earn a variety of undergraduate graduate online degrees without traditional classroom instruction.

Thomas Edison State College Students

Thomas Edison State College allows adult students the opportunity to earn degrees without having to put their lives on hold. Many students who take distance education classes through the college are military personnel, have full-time jobs and/or family obligations.

FAQs on Thomas Edison State College

Is Thomas Edison State College Accredited?

The Middle States Association of Colleges of Schools accredits Thomas Edison State College. The National League of Nursing Accrediting Commissions accredits its nursing program.

What Are Some Requirements for Thomas Edison State College?

Prospective students should fill out the print or online application, submit transcripts of previous college experience and provide documentation for military and professional training.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Thomas Edison State College?

The financial aid and veteran affairs office at Thomas Edison State College helps students find suitable financial aid programs. Some students are eligible for federal grants, loans or work study opportunities. New Jersey residents also have access to several loan and grant programs funded by the state. Students should explore college scholarship opportunities to help with tuition and related expenses.

What Are the Career Possibilities With Thomas Edison State College?

Thomas Edison State College offers distance learning that offers students the skills and training necessary to move forward in their careers. In addition to undergraduate and graduate degree programs, the college offers a number of certificate programs. These certificate programs provide instruction based on real-world applications in fields such as accounting, marketing, labor studies, public administration, finance, electronic, computer science and computer information systems.

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