Stratford University

Introduction to Stratford University

Stratford University offers numerous online programs as an extension of their on-campus degree programs. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools accredits all online degrees offered by the school.

The American Culinary Federation further accredits all culinary degree and diploma programs. Classes provide flexibility and accessibility to working adults wishing to further their careers.

Stratford University -- Prospective Student Information

Prospective students seeking further information about the online degree programs offered at Stratford University should contact the school at 800-444-0804.

The online calendar at Stratford University allows for year-round enrollment. Classes are based on a 10-week quarter system and begin 10 times throughout the year.

Online students at Stratford University have access to a variety of financial aid options to help with tuition. Scholarships, federal grants, state grants, military discounts and student loans are all available to eligible students.

Online degree programs offered at Stratford University include:

  • International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Business Administration BS
  • Business Administration AAS
  • Hospitality Management BA
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management AAS

FAQs on Stratford University

What Is the Teaching Philosophy at Stratford University Online?

The online curriculum focuses on real-world applications that meet an ever-changing career environment. As desired skills and needs of the business world change, so does instruction at Stratford University. Online programs are routinely reassessed to ensure students graduating with up-to-date skills. Through relevant instruction, hands-on learning and individual student attention, graduates are prepared to immediately enter the workforce.

What Is the Online Learning Environment at Stratford University?

Online classes underline specific instructional goals. Class sizes are small to encourage one-on-one student/teacher interaction. Studies consist of a combination of textbook reading, online lectures, individual assignment, multimedia presentations and group discussions. There are no scheduled class times, allowing students to complete assignments when it is convenient to their schedules.

What Is the Admissions Process at Stratford University Online?

Online Stratford University students uphold the same admission requirements as those on campus. An application must be submitted, along with a nonrefundable application fee. Undergraduate applicants must also interview with the admissions department to discuss further requirements and financial capabilities. Graduate applicants must also interview with the Stratford University Dean of Graduate Students.

Is Stratford University Online Affordable?

Stratford University makes every attempt to offer an affordable education. Tuition costs for undergraduate and diploma-seeking students is approximately $325 per credit hour. Master's degree programs come with a tuition cost of around $360 per credit hour. Books and other fees are not included in the price of tuition.

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