South University

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Introduction to South University

South University's online programs allows students to pursue bachelor's and master's programs from the comfort of home. Online programs relate to the field of business administration, though criminal justice and other topics are available. All online degrees feature identical curriculum to courses taught at the school's primary Savannah, GA campus.

South University -- Prospective Student Information

Prospective students interested in learning more about online programs offered at South University can contact the school by dialing 888-444-3404.

To provide enrollment flexibility, online classes offered at South University begin eight times a year. Financial aid services are also available to students who qualify. Merit scholarships, federal grants and student loans are all viable options for tuition subsidization.

FAQs on South University

Is South University's online programs a Respected College?

South University has a tradition in excellence that spans more than 100 years. Online programs offered at the school share the same instructors, curriculum and degrees offered at the school's campus programs. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits all online programs offered by South University. The school is a Level V institution.

What Is the Online Learning Environment at South University?

Online classes typically follow a five and a half week schedule designed to provide flexibility for the busy adult. Small class sizes ensure that students receive adequate one-on-one attention from each instructor.

The curriculum is challenging and engaging, with multimedia learning tools, online text, lectures and group discussions available. Students have access to knowledgeable online faculty to answer any questions they may have.

What Is the Teaching Philosophy at South University's online programs?

All online degree programs at South University emphasize real-world practicality. Graduates have the knowledge to pursue the career field of choice. Furthermore, classes are taught on a shorter schedule to allow students to pursue career goals earlier than might be possible at some traditional universities.

Is South University's online programs Affordable?

In relation to other accredited colleges, South University offers some of the most affordable online tuition costs. Cost may vary depending on the class, but students can expect to pay approximately $335 per undergraduate credit hour.

Graduate tuition is approximately $465 per credit hour. Financial aid officers are available to help eligible students create create an affordable education plan through the use of scholarships, grants and student loans.

What Is the Admissions Process at South University's online programs?

South University provides a convenient online application process for prospective students. For additional assistance, dedicated admissions representatives are available to assist in transcript requests, career planning and other tasks related to applying for admission.