Saint Joseph's University

Introduction to Saint Joseph's University

In 1851, the Society of Jesuits founded Saint Joseph's University. Until 1970, the school was an all-men's college. In 1978, Saint Joseph's University received its university status.

Saint Joseph's University is one of 28 colleges that belong to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. In 1927, the bachelor's degree business program was established. Forty-three percent of students enrolled in the business undergraduate degree program were in the top 25 percent of their high school classes.

Student Life at Saint Joseph's University

There are upwards of 7,000 students enrolled in degree programs at Saint Joseph's University. Approximately 4,500 of the students are studying to earn a bachelor's degree. There are around 2,500 students working to earn a master's degree.

Those who live on campus comprise 61 percent of the student body at Saint Joseph's University. The university also has a balanced mixture of male and female college students.

There are more than 100 student organizations at Saint Joseph's University. These include fraternities, sororities, campus newspapers and several community services organizations.

FAQs on Saint Joseph's University

Is Saint Joseph's University Accredited?

Saint Joseph's University has a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and an AACSB business school accreditation.

What Are Some Requirements for Saint Joseph's University?

Saint Joseph's University has a rigorous admissions process that reviews information about enrolling students including high school GPA, ACT and SAT test scores. The college also looks at other information including community service, activity involvement and leadership qualities. Saint Joseph's University received almost 9,000 applications for enrollment for the 2006-2007 school year. The college accepted 56 percent of the students who applied.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Saint Joseph's University?

In 2007, 85 percent of students at Saint Joseph's University received some form of financial assistance. Work study programs, academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, grants and loans make up the majority of financial aid utilized by students.

What Are the Career Possibilities From Saint Joseph's University?

Saint Joseph's University career development center helps students and employers network for job placement opportunities. With the widespread bachelor's and master's degree programs available at the college, students can expect to find jobs in fields including education, research, business and psychology.

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