Post University Online

Introduction to Post University Online

Post University online was founded in 1976 to help Vietnam veterans earn accelerated degrees. The distance learning college found that the same principles working to bring vets back into the civilian world also could help working adults advance their careers.

In 1996, Post University online began offering classes on the web. The college is the largest provider of distance education in the State of Connecticut and has locations in Meriden, Danbury and Norwalk.

Student Life at Post University Online

Students who are attending Post University online are frequently employed either full-time or part-time. Many of the nontraditional students who attend the distance education college are also raising a family.

Students at Post University online take classes at times and days that are convenient to them. They receive online advising and web-based technical support and can buy books and register for classes through an online student portal.

FAQs on Post University Online

Is Post University Online Accredited?

The Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges accredits Post University online. The distance learning college is also licensed by the State of Connecticut through the Department of Higher Education.

What Are Some Requirements for Post University Online?

Students enrolling in the Post University online campus will submit their academic history and standardized test scores for consideration. In addition to academic experience and test scores, the distance education school also looks at personal characteristics and unique qualities to determine whether they are a good fit for the college.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Post University Online?

Many students of Post University online utilize financial aid to pay for distance learning school. Federal financial aid, loans and payment plans are the most common ways that students finance their distance education. Please note that financial aid is only available for those who qualify.

What Are the Career Possibilities From Post University Online?

Career possibilities for graduates of Post University online are almost without limit due to the extraordinary number of associate's, bachelor's, master's degrees and job skills training certification offered on the web. Students who earn a degree from the distance learning school find jobs in accounting, criminal justice, marketing and finance.

Post University online staff helps graduating students find jobs related to their majors. Resume writing help, interviewing skills and business etiquette are all part of the job skills training offered to students in the distance education program.

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