Pinnacle Career Institute Online

Introduction to Pinnacle Career Institute Online

The Pinnacle Career Institute online campus has its roots in providing job skills training. In recent years, the distance learning university started to offer accredited programs of study online. The Pinnacle Career Institute online faculty members provide 24/7 assistance through live chat, email, online forums and interaction with students.

Student Life at Pinnacle Career Institute Online

Most of the students who attend Pinnacle Career Institute online are working adults, or nontraditional students. Enrolling distance learning students have full-time or part-time jobs and/or family obligations. The students working to earn certification or a degree at the Pinnacle Career Institute online campus take classes in their spare time, often during the evening or on weekends.

FAQs on Pinnacle Career Institute Online

Is Pinnacle Career Institute Online an Accredited School?

The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools accredits the Lawrence Pinnacle Career Institute online campus.

What Are Some Requirements for Pinnacle Career Institute Online?

A high school or GED transcript is required for admittance into Pinnacle Career Institute, so you will be asked to complete a transcript request form. The distance education university also takes on-the-job experience into consideration when accepting applicants for enrollment.

Students who wish to earn a degree in college-level work at the Pinnacle Career Institute online must have a GED or high school diploma. There is also an entrance exam applicable to many online degree programs.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Pinnacle Career Institute Online?

Pinnacle Career Institute online accepts financial aid to pay for classes. The distance education school offers a detailed list of tips and hints to help enrolling students get started on their financial aid applications. In addition, the Pinnacle Career Institute online campus offers a variety of scholarships or matches some scholarships available to students from other entities.

What Are the Career Possibilities From Pinnacle Career Institute Online?

The Pinnacle Career Institute online campus offers a wide assortment of jobs skills training to help prepare students for jobs in a variety of industries. The distance learning college also offers job placement services to help students find work when they finish school. Depending on the program, students who earn a degree or certification from Pinnacle Career Institute online can expect to find work in business management, business marketing, electronics, massage therapy and medical billing and coding.

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