Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Introduction to Oklahoma Wesleyan University

The Wesleyan Church founded Oklahoma Wesleyan University to provide a college for students that embrace the religion. The town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, is small, with approximately 35,000 year-round residents. Students who attend the university comprise other religions outside of Wesleyan, with more than 25 different denominations represented.

Student Life at Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Among the students attending Oklahoma Wesleyan University, about half are enrolled in classes on the main campus and half are working toward degrees at other school campuses in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University also offers adult education classes. Residence halls are not co-ed -- there are separate residence halls for male and female students. Athletics offered at the college include soccer, basketball, golf, volleyball, tennis, cross-country and track.

FAQs on Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Is Oklahoma Wesleyan University Accredited?

Oklahoma Wesleyan University is accredited by several respected organizations, including the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education, the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the North Central Association.

What Are Some Requirements for Oklahoma Wesleyan University?

Although not required to be of Wesleyan faith, students at Oklahoma Wesleyan University must attend chapel. The basic student enrollment requirements indicate that students must have at least two of the following: a grade point average of 2.0 or higher, a score of 18 or higher on the ACT or at least 860 on the SAT. Students can substitute test scores by proving they graduated in the top half of their high school classes.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Oklahoma Wesleyan University?

Most students attending Oklahoma Wesleyan University receive financial aid. Institutional financial aid includes academic scholarships, activity awards, church matching grants, national merit scholarships and rotary scholarships. Federal and state grants at Oklahoma Wesleyan University include the National Smart (National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent) grant, OHLAP (Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program), the Oklahoma Tuition Aid grant and the Pell grant.

What Are the Career Possibilities From Oklahoma Wesleyan University?

Some of the popular undergraduate degree programs at Oklahoma Wesleyan University include religion and philosophy classes, such as pastoral ministry studies, education degrees, business and nursing. Students graduating from Oklahoma Wesleyan University might find jobs as registered nurses, pastors, business managers or teachers.

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