National Holistic Institute

Introduction to National Holistic Institute

Founded in 1979 by Carol Carpenter, the National Holistic Institute started in a house in Oakland, California. A decade later, the school relocated to Emeryville, California, which is in between Oakland and Berkeley.

In 2003, Mason Myers and Tim Veitzer acquired the school, expanding the massage therapy tradition to new campuses in San Jose, San Francisco, Petaluma and Encino. Considered one of best educators in massage therapy, the National Holistic Institute was the first nationally accredited massage school in California.

Student Life at the National Holistic Institute

The faculty at the National Holistic Institute includes some of the country's experts in the field of massage therapy, with small classrooms that foster student-to-peer and student-to-teacher interaction. Students undergo 720 hours of comprehensive training that covers an incredible array of massage therapy styles, including shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, sports, Thai, meridian theory, aromatherapy and foot reflexology.

Much of this training incorporates real-world experience, as the school is open to the public. The National Holistic Institute also offers flexibility so that students can set up a schedule to best suit their needs.

FAQs on National Holistic Institute

What is the Accreditation Status of the National Holistic Institute?

The Accrediting Council nationally accredits the National Holistic Institute for Continuing Education and Training and by the American Massage Therapy Association.

What Are Some Requirements for Admission to the National Holistic Institute?

There are no requirements necessary for enrolling in the National Holistic Institute. Students who are interested in applying should contact an admissions officer to start the process of enrollment.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From the National Holistic Institute?

Financial aid is available from the National Holistic Institute, although those who do not quality for financial assistance should consider looking into alternative options, such as loans from private lenders. All students should submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid to determine eligibility for grants and federal loans.

What Are the Career Possibilities Available Through the National Holistic Institute?

The National Holistic Institute is solely dedicated to massage therapy, and as such, trains its students thoroughly so that they may pursue rewarding careers. This could include anything from private clients to working in a spa or health center. The school also offers lifetime career placement assistance, in which the staff connects graduates to employers in the industry.

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