Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School

Introduction to Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Lancaster Bible College teaches a biblical world-view for future careers in Christina ministries. Originally named the Lancaster School of the Bible, the school was established in 1933 by Henry J. Heydt.

Lancaster changed locations in 1973 and today is a leader in Bible education. The school focuses primarily on biblical teachings and careers in Christian professions. Lancaster students have contributed over 45,000 hours of community service to 220 ministries, including 132 churches in the area.

Student Life at Lancaster Bible College

More than 800 students attend Lancaster, a small percentage of whom are graduate students. The small student-to-faculty ratio means smaller classrooms and more attention paid per student.

All students should be committed to learning about the Bible and Christian education. While encouraged to socialize and live spiritually, students participate in extracurricular activities through student government, fellowships, clubs, intramural sports, musicals and worship. Additionally, the school is also part of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA).

FAQs on Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School

What is the Accreditation Status of Lancaster Bible College?

Lancaster Bible College and Graduate School is accredited by the Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools, as well as the Association for Biblical Higher Education and Pennsylvania Department of Education.

What Are the Requirements for Admission to Lancaster Bible College?

Admission to Lancaster Bible College relies on a Christian world-view, which means applicants must confirm they accept Jesus Christ as a personal savior and be in agreement with the statement of faith issued by the school. Prospective students also need to provide verification of high school graduation or equivalency, standardized test scores from the SAT or ACT, references and a personal essay that explains the applicant's level of social and spiritual dedication.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Lancaster Bible College?

Lancaster assists around 85 percent of the student population with financial aid. Students should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for government grants and loans. Veterans may receive additional educational benefits, while other students can work on campus or receive aid through work study programs.

What Are the Degree Options at Lancaster Bible College?

Degrees programs at Lancaster Bible College concentrate on biblical studies. Over 550 ministries recruit Lancaster graduates for work in their communities. Undergraduate degrees cover subject areas such as children and family ministry, Christian education and discipleship, pre-seminary, social work, cross-cultural ministry, music education and student ministries.

Graduate programs include master's degrees in Bible, leadership studies, marriage and family counseling, pastoral studies and small group leadership. There are also graduate certificates in homiletics, local church leadership and organizational leadership.

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