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Introduction to LA College International

Founded in 1981, LA College International is in California near downtown Los Angeles. The school has been providing professionals and working students with degree options from on-campus or online that will help them improve their education and career opportunities.

Advancing education means creating career-oriented degree programs that will allow students to compete in the job market. LA College's supportive staff helps with everything, from the basic admissions process to class options and career placement after graduation.

Student Life at LA College International

LA College International uses a student-centered approach to learning. Online classes feature interactive educational studies specifically designed for busy working students. The curriculum is flexible and convenient, allowing students to choose when they attend class. Most of the programs run 18 months, teaching fundamentals with different emphases depending on the program.

FAQs on LA College International

What is the Accreditation Status of La College International?

LA College International has accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, which is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education.

What Are the Requirements for Admission to LA College International?

Applicants need to submit an admissions application, a nonrefundable free and verification of high school graduation or equivalency, such as the GED. Prospective students should also talk to the admissions office if they have any questions. Tuition fees vary depending on the cost of the program.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From LA College International?

LA College offers financial aid to students in need and has a number of other financing options, such as a monthly payment system to help students pay tuition. All students should apply for federal funding in the form of grants and loans by submitting a FAFSA application. Private lenders are another good source for loans, while LA College asks that students interested in scholarship inquire within the financial aid office.

What Are Some Degree Options at LA College International?

Degree programs at LA College expand career possibilities for students. There are associate's and bachelor's degrees available through campus or online learning. Each degree has elective concentrations students can choose to focus on, such as accounting in business administration or billing and coding in healthcare administration.

Online degree programs include healthcare administration, business management, criminal justice and public administration, each with its own specialty. There are also diploma degrees in medical office management and massage therapy.

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