Ivy Bridge College

Introduction to Ivy Bridge College

Tiffin University, located in Tiffin, Ohio, established in 1888 and has since grown to include several other campus locations across Ohio in Columbus, Fremont, Cleveland, Lima and Toledo. Tiffin launched a nationally recognized online campus, Ivy Bridge College, to accommodate students who are unable to attend a traditional university setting.

Student Life at Ivy Bridge College

Ivy Bridge online studies allow students to set an individualized pace that works with their own schedules. Group discussions, online chats and office hours make it easy for students to stay connected to peers and faculty.

Bridge curriculum focuses on critical thinking skills so that students can transfer to a four-year college of choice. The success coach is unique to Ivy Bridge and Tiffin University, helping students choose classes, learn time management skills, set up study sessions and determine transfer agreements while achieving personal and academic goals.

FAQs on Ivy Bridge College

What is the Accreditation Status of Ivy Bridge College?

The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Commission, as well as the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs and the Ohio Board of Regents accredit Ivy Bridge College.

What Are the Requirements for Admission to Ivy Bridge College?

Applying to Ivy Bridge requires completing the application process. Prospective students should start by creating an online account and filling out the admissions application. Afterwards, they need to send in official high school transcripts and standardized test scores from the SAT or ACT.

Can Students Receive Financial Aid From Ivy Bridge College?

Ivy Bridge students should start the financial aid process by submitting a FAFSA application for federal funding in the form of loans and grants. The school also works to help students discover other grant opportunities, such as the Ohio Instructional Grant and the Ohio College Opportunity Grant. Private lenders are another option for Ivy Bridge students seeking financial assistance with their education.

What Are Some Online Degree Options at Ivy Bridge College?

The goal at Ivy Bridge and Tiffin University is to prepare students for future academic careers and jobs. The schools offer an online associate's degree in arts general studies.

All programs allow students to transfer to other schools as seamlessly as possible. Best of all, since Ivy Bridge is part of Tiffin, students in the online degree program still earn a Tiffin University degree.

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