Indiana Business College

Introduction to Indiana Business College

Indiana Business College provides several diplomas, associate's and bachelor's degree programs that students can earn completely online. Topics of study include health sciences, information technology, criminal justice and business. The curriculum is accessible to working adults without disrupting work, family and other everyday obligations.

Indiana Business College -- Prospective Student Information

Indiana Business College provides a toll-free phone number for individuals wishing to learn more about the school's online degrees: 1- 888-544-4IBC.

The enrollment process at the school provides maximum simplicity. Students can enroll completely online and administrators will gladly walk enrollees through every step of the process. A variety of financial aid options is also available to help augment the cost of a degree. Eligible students have access to scholarships, grants, student loans and military discounts.

FAQs on Indiana Business College

Is Indiana Business College a Respected School?

Founded in 1902, Indiana Business College is one of the oldest and most respected business schools in the state of Indiana. All campus and online programs offered through the college are fully accredited.

What Is the Teaching Philosophy at Indiana Business College?

Online classes at Indiana Business College are student-centric. Experienced faculty work with students to find the learning practices that best deliver results for each individual students.

Class sizes are small (nine to 40 students) to ensure each student receives the personal instruction they deserve. Furthermore, instruction incorporates a career-focused approach intended to prepare students for immediate insertion into a rewarding job environment.

What Is the Online Learning Environment at Indiana Business College?

Online studies at Indiana Business College are flexible. Classes require no specific instruction times, allowing students to log on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Online classes consist of a mixture of personal assignments, online lectures, group discussions and exams. Students can expect to spend four to 15 hours a week on class-related materials.

What Is the Admissions Process at Indiana Business College?

The admissions process for online programs Indiana Business College is similar to on-campus enrollment procedures. Prospective students are required to submit an application form. Additional materials such as transcripts, test scores and an application fee may also be required.

There are no enrollment restrictions based on geographical location. Students from all over the globe can attend Indiana Business College. The school also accepts transfer credits from accredited schools when possible.

What Support Services Are at Indiana Business College Online?

All online classes are taught by an experienced instructor who gladly assists students with any questions they may have. Furthermore, a dedicated IBC online staff is ready to assist students with enrollment, financial aid, career development and other related topics. An online technical support team is also available to answer computer and other related questions.

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