Henley-Putnam University

Introduction to Henley-Putnam University

Henley-Putnam University offers online bachelor's degrees and master's degrees in fields such as intelligence management and counterterrorism. All classes take place online and allow students to complete material when their schedule provides. The distance education and training council accrediting commission accredits all degree programs at the school.

Henley-Putnam University -- Prospective Student Information

Prospective students interested in earning an online degree from Henley-Putnam University can contact the school toll-free by calling 888-852-8746.

A flexible enrollment calendar is facilitated by a 10-week clss structure. New classes begin at the start of each month. The university currently offers no government financial aid programs. However, monthly payment plans and military benefits are available to assist in the payment of tuition.

FAQs on Henley-Putnam University

Why Choose Henley-Putnam University?

Henley-Putnam University is currently the only accredited institution that specializes in the studies of intelligence, terrorism and counterterrorism. The school offers students a flexible online environment led by experienced faculty members. Over 100 classes allow students to specialize in areas such as covert actions and conducting background investigations.

What Is the Teaching Philosophy at Henley-Putnam University?

Henley-Putnam University prepares students to further their careers in law enforcement, military and private intelligence sectors. As such, studies comprise practical learning modules that pertain to real-world applications. Upon degree completion, graduates will have the skills necessary to advance their careers in their chosen fields.

What Student Services Are Available at Henley-Putnam University?

Henley-Putnam University faculty and staff offer a wealth of learning materials to maximize student comprehension. Student services such as academic advisement, mentoring, tutoring, library resources and IT services are all easily accessible via the web.

Is Henley-Putnam University Affordable?

Each bachelor's class offered at Henley-Putnam University requires a tuition payment of $1,188. Master's classes carry a price tag of $1,516.50. Payment plans are available to aid in tuition payment.

The university also offers a laptop computer to all students after they have started their fifth class at the university. Students are free to keep this laptop after graduation.

What Are the Credentials of Online Instructors at Henley-Putnam University?

Online class instructors have worked for such respected organizations as the FBI, CIA, Special Forces and U.S. Secret Service. The school's faculty is comprised of more than 80 strategic security experts.

On average, each instructor has more than 22 years of real-world experience. Furthermore, over 80 percent of Henley-Putnam University faculty hold advanced degrees from such renowned universities as Yale, Cambridge, Berkeley, Stanford and Georgetown.

Will I Have a Chance to Communicate With Fellow Students?

The curriculum at Henley-Putnam University is setup to encourage interaction among fellow students and faculty. These communications provide students with a unique level of strategic security contacts that will help them land a job in the industry immediately following graduation.

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