Grace College

Introduction to Grace College

Launched in the spring of 2008, Grace College Online is the newest academic program offered at the seminary. The primary learning focus of the school is Christian ministry, and available online classes relate to this field.

The Higher Learning Commission accredits all online programs offered by the school. Grace College is also a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and other renowned organizations.

Grace College -- Prospective Student Information

Prospective students interested in earning an online degree from Grace College are invited to contact the school toll-free at 800-54-GRACE.

The average cost per online credit is $300. A $125 technology credit also applies for each class enrollment. To assist with tuition payment, Grace College offers a variety of financial aid options. Scholarships, grants, student loans and military discounts are all available to eligible online students.

FAQs on Grace College

Is Grace College a Reputable University?

Grace College is one of the most respected evangelical Christian seminaries in the United States. Alumni of the school have gone on to lead respected careers in the evangelical church, missionary work and educational institutions.

What Is the History of Grace College?

Grace Theological Seminary was founded in 1937, with Grace College being built on the campus 11 years later. From the beginning, the school has had an affiliation with the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. The school boasts a student body of more than 1,200 individuals from 40 states and 20 different countries.

Why Should I Choose Grace College?

Online studies at Grace College provide an accessible and convenient learning alternative to busy working individuals. Students seeking an education that springs from an evangelical Christian view will enjoy the learning environment at the school.

The online environment created by Grace College is an inviting, challenging and interactive classroom. Students are encouraged to actively communicate with fellow students and faculty.

What Are the Credentials of Online Faculty at Grace College?

Online faculty at Grace College is composed of respected campus professors. All online instructors have advanced degrees in their chosen field, as well as years of real-world experience. This allows online students to learn educational theories and career skills.

What Is the Online Class Structure at Grace College?

Grace College online classes operate on an eight-week term structure. This accelerated program delivers a degree faster than would be otherwise possible. While classes are demanding, the curriculum allows students to earn a degree without disrupting family life and work.

What Are the Admission Requirements at Grace College?

Admission to Grace College is dependent on a number of factors, including grade point average, class rank and test scores. Students are also required to submit a faith statement and spiritual life reference. To learn more about the specific admission requirements for an online class, students should contact the admissions office at 800-54-GRACE.

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