Fort Hays State University

Introduction to Fort Hays State University

FHSU Online offers more than 500 virtual classes to students worldwide. Online programs offer a flexible and affordable alternative to traditional college programs.

The online curriculum allows busy adults to pursue a certification, bachelor's or master's degree without disrupting work and family life. To ensure academic excellence, online classes assemble through a partnership with FHSU campus faculty.

Fort Hays State University -- Prospective Student Information

Individuals seeking more information about earning an online degree from Fort Hays State University are encouraged to contact the school toll-free by calling 800-628-FHSU or via email at

Fort Hays State University online programs operate on a semester calendar. Eligible students can apply for financial aid to assist in the payment of tuition and class-related materials. Scholarships, grants, military discounts and student loans are all available to those who qualify.

FAQs on Fort Hays State University

Is Fort Hays State University a Respected Online Educator?

Fort Hays State University is one of six Kansas State assisted universities. As such, a Board of Regents appointed by the governor of Kansas oversees the school. Furthermore, all online degree programs offered at FHSU have full accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Graduates of online degree programs offered by the university earn the same degree awarded to on-campus students.

What Are the Credentials of the Online Faculty at Fort Hays State University?

The same faculty members in the school's campus classrooms teach online classes at FHSU. Instructors are highly credentialed, with many holding terminal or doctoral degrees in their chosen fields. To ensure maximum learning comprehension, FHSU boasts an average class size of just 17 students.

What Can I Expect From the Online Environment at Fort Hays State University?

Classes at Fort Hays State University includes a combination of online discussions, live chats, multimedia presentations, exercises, exams and reading textbooks. The majority of online classes can be completed at the student's convenience.

However, the occasional synchronous learning aid may also be required. Examples of synchronous learning aids include interactive television and face-to-face instruction. To assist in knowledge dispersal, media tools such as audiotapes and CD-ROMs are also available.

What Is the History of Distance Education at Fort Hays State University?

Fort Hays State University has been providing distance education programs for more than 20 years. Each semester, thousands of students now enroll in online classes offered by the university.

What Is the Online Enrollment Process at Fort Hays State University?

Students wishing to pursue an online degree have the same enrollment requirements as campus students. An application, transcripts, application fee and other admission documents must go to the FHSU admissions department.

Enrollment in a graduate program requires a minimum GPA of 2.50 for the student's last 60 credit hours. Each online student has an academic adviser to aid in the enrollment process.

Can I Take Online Classes at FHSU Without Pursuing a Degree?

Online students merely seeking class completion are encouraged to enroll at Fort Hays State University Online. While the school focuses on offering degrees and professional certification, students can also enroll and complete one or several online classes if desired.

Are There Any Statistics for Online Students at Fort Hays State University?

The online student body at Fort Hays State University consists of students from the U.S. and more than 20 different countries. The majority of online students are working adults who desire the flexibility and convenience offered by an online degree program.

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