Florida Tech University Online

Introduction to Florida Tech

Florida Tech University Online provides a virtual education on par with the world-class learning experience offered at Florida Tech. Online classes include the same curriculum as campus equivalents. The school offers a cutting-edge e-learning system that combines a variety of multimedia tools that allow students to effectively learn at convenient times.

Florida Tech University Online -- Prospective Student Information

For those interested in learning more about pursuing an online degree at Florida Tech University, a toll-free number is available: 888-352-8324.

Enrollment in an online degree program can happen at anytime, with classes beginning six times a year. A variety of financial aid opportunities are available that offer undergraduates up to $10,500 in annual savings. National and state government grants are both available to eligible students. Other financial aid options include scholarships, military discounts and student loans.

FAQs on Florida Tech

What Is the Caliber of Online Programs at Florida Tech University?

Florida Tech University is a respected member of the University Alliance Online. This alliance ensures a high level of academic integrity backed by cutting-edge technology and support services. Membership in the UA is limited to the nation's most respected traditional universities and institutions. Other schools in the alliance include Villanova University, Tulane University, University of Notre Dame and University of South Florida.

What Is the Online Learning Environment Like at Florida Tech University?

Online classes combine case studies, written reports, business plans and exams. Learning aids such as audio, CD-ROM, textbooks and teacher lectures offer an exciting, engaging learning environment. Classes feature no set times and allow each student to complete material whenever convenient.

What Level of Support Is Offered at Florida Tech University?

Online students have access to a variety of support groups. Web-based classes facilitate communication with fellow students and the instructor.

Furthermore, each student is assigned to an academic adviser accessible via phone, fax or email. For technical difficulties with the online learning environment, a technical support staff is on-call to assist students with any problems they may be experiencing.

Is an Online Degree From Florida Tech University Different From a Traditional Degree?

Online students earn the same degree as on-campus students. As the curriculum for both programs is identical, online graduates can be confident that the degree holds the same esteem as a traditional degree. Online graduates are even encouraged to attend a graduation ceremony on the school's campus once a degree program is completed.

What Is the Enrollment Process at Florida Tech University Online?

Once a student has contacted the online division of Florida Tech University, a program representative will receive the information. This representative will aid the student in the enrollment process. This includes completing application materials, suggesting classes and answering any questions that the student may have.

What Notable Individuals Have Graduated From Florida Tech University Online?

Florida Tech served as an early training ground for NASA astronauts like Sunita Williams, George D. Zamka and Kathryn Hire. MLB pitcher Tim Wakefield was drafted straight out of the university.

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