Introduction to eCornell

Cornell University owns and operates eCornell. Cornell is in Ithaca, New York, and has been one of the top educational institutions in the world since 1865, being part of the Ivy League.

eCornell, the university's online counterpart, offers a comprehensive online curriculum for professional and executive development. For example, the business programs developed from the Johnson Graduate School of Management, one of the top business schools in the country. eCornell offers development in areas of leadership, management, human resources, strategy, financial management and hospitality management.

Student Life at eCornell

eCornell helps professionals meet strategic learning and development goals. Students of eCornell will be happy to hear that they receive many of the same benefits as if attending Cornell University on-campus, with online access to library reference guides and connections to faculty members that teach in classrooms.

The collaboration between Cornell faculty and user-experience designers means that students receive a rigorous education combined with an interactive and engaging learning experience. New classes start each month, with access to materials at any time of day, making it the most flexible scheduling yet structured learning environment.

FAQs on eCornell

What is the Accreditation Status of eCornell?

eCornell is not a distance learning school on its own, and hence it does not provide degrees. However, it does have the same accreditation as Cornell University, which is by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

What Are the Requirements for Application to eCornell?

To apply to eCornell, all one needs to do is fill out the online application form. Prospective students should browse the site and call or chat online with an enrollment counselor who can guide the student through the admissions steps.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From eCornell?

eCornell is approved for competitive interest rate loans through SLM Financial, which is part of Sallie Mae. SLM will provide students with career training loans for eCornell certificate programs. The loan is good for up to 15 years and can be paid back at any time during that period. Students should submit an online application to find out if they are eligible.

What Are the Career Possibilities With eCornell?

eCornell sets up students with certificates and college credits toward MBA and doctoral degrees in several academic subject areas. The eCornell Johnson Graduate School of Management, the School of Industrial and Labor Relations and the College of Engineering and Hotel Administration are just some of the available fields of study.

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