Columbia Southern University

Introduction to Columbia Southern University

In 1993, Dr. Robert G. Mayes originally founded Columbia Southern University as the University of Environmental Sciences. The idea was to develop distance learning programs for professionals and working adults who were unable to attend classes in a traditional university setting.

Since then, the demand for alternative educational experiences has grown, and CSU has expanded its offerings so that the school devotes itself entirely to online classes. CSU also collaborates with the University of North Alabama, the University of West Alabama and the University of West Florida to provide online degree programs.

Student Life at Columbia Southern University

Due to the school's unique online-only curriculum, Columbia has the greatest flexibility possible concerning scheduling and time management. Student have access 24 hours a day to forums, lectures, interactive software and audio and visual examples to help them pass each class and earn a degree in their fields of interest. Self-paced programs allow students to set their own degree completion deadline, with 10 weeks to finish each class.

Columbia Southern University Alumni

Just because Columbia Southern has no physical campus of learning, doesn't mean they do not have a community. CSU graduates are encouraged to join the alumni association, in which they can be part of CSU Click, the Columbia Southern social networking site, participate in the student/alumni forum and enjoy the quarterly student/alumni newsletter, the CSU Communicator.

FAQs on Columbia Southern University

Is Columbia Southern University Accredited?

Columbia Southern University is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, which is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. The school is also a member of the Higher Education Transfer Alliance.

What Are Some of the Columbia Southern University Requirements?

Since the school is only online, there is no specific enrollment period like at a traditional university. To apply to Columbia Southern University, students need to submit an application and nonrefundable fee, along with other documentation such as official transcripts from high school, a high school equivalency and other universities or colleges. CSU will then give the student an Application Evaluation Report.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Columbia State University?

CSU has competitively priced tuition. The school charges a rate per credit hour, making the final tuition price fluctuate with relation to how long it takes the student to finish classes. Military service members may receive a discount on tuition, along with professionals who are able to reimburse tuition from employers. CSU also offers a book grant and the Robert G. Mayes Memorial Alumni Scholarship, along with federal financial aid in the form of loans and grants.

What Career Possibilities Does Columbia State University Offer?

CSU offers online accredited degrees to help students change careers or advance their careers through higher learning. Degree offerings include fire science, business administration, criminal justice, information technology, human resources, occupational safety and health, hospitality and tourism, healthcare administration, accounting and finance. Other degrees include several MBA options with distinct specializations, as well as certificate programs.

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