Cleveland Institute of Electronics

Introduction to Cleveland Institute of Electronics

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Carl Smith first started CIE in 1934, as the Smith Practical Radio Institute. After developing customized lab training equipment for home use, the school expanded its student body and added an associate in applied science degree program to its roster.

After the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers decided to allow CIE students to join the organization, CIE grew even more. In 2000, the school started online programs and testing.

Student Life at Cleveland Institute of Electronics

Unlike traditional universities, Cleveland Institute of Electronics uses distance learning to teach students. By tailoring the curriculum specifically for students in any location, such as textbooks, CDs, DVDs and online classrooms, distance learning with CIE makes earning a degree accessible.

CIE's classes are designed around a core subject area and cover basic theories about electronics and computers. "Hands-on" training happens with lab equipment and patented lesson programs.

FAQs on Cleveland Institute of Electronics

Is Cleveland Institute of Electronics Accredited?

Cleveland Institute of Electronics is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, which is nationally recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools also approve CIE.

What Are Some of the Cleveland Institute of Electronics Requirements?

Prospective students need to fill out an online registration form for CIE admittance. Students should already have graduated high school or have high school equivalency with a GED.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Cleveland Institute of Electronics?

For the associate's degree program, federal financial aid is available to students that qualify. Students will need to fill out and submit a FAFSA form to see if they are eligible for government loans or grants. Veterans or military service members may receive reduced tuition costs. Financial aid counselors are a quick call or email away for students with questions.

What Career Possibilities Are There With Cleveland Institute of Electronics?

The Cleveland Institute of Electronics is for computer and electronic classes only, with the goal of preparing students to become skilled technicians and engineering technologists. Classes include introductions to computer programming, applied science in computer information technology, electronics technology with FCC license preparation, broadcast engineering, industrial electronics and electronics engineering. There are two bachelor's degree classes in electronic engineering technology and computer information systems.

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