Bowling Green State University

Introduction to Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University is approximately 20 miles south of Toledo, Ohio. The school established in 1910 to educate teachers, setting the standards for teacher education in Ohio with four-year degree programs.

Since inception, the school has since become one of the largest schools for teacher education in the country. It also became the first university to offer a Ph.D. program in photochemical science, as well as one of the first institutions to offer an undergraduate program in neuroscience.

Student Life at Bowling Green State University

Students at Bowling Green who are interested in Greek life can choose from 43 fraternities and sororities. There are over 300 student organizations including a computer arts club, early childhood organization, student jazz association and sculpture club. 69 percent of undergraduate students receive some kind of financial aid and there is over 20 million dollars worth of scholarship money available, in addition to on campus employment opportunities.

BGSU has an active sports program. Students come out every weekend to support their BGSU Falcons. In addition to numerous learning opportunities at Bowling Green, students enjoy plenty of opportunities to socialize. So many BGSU students have found their soul mates at the school that these couples have acquired a nickname, the "Falcon Flames."

FAQs on Bowling Green State University

What Are the Financial Aid Options at Bowling Green State University?

Bowling Green has a number of financial aid options, for example, the University Tuition Scholarship for Underrepresented Students. Those with over a 3.0 GPA who can demonstrate financial need can be eligible for this award. The BG Success Scholarship can be awarded to students with a 3.0 cumulative GPA, 20 ACT composite or 920 or higher SAT in critical reading plus math. The Falcon Soars Access Scholarship Grant may be awarded to those who have received an Ohio College Opportunity Grant and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Other scholarship opportunities for those with special talents in areas such as athletics or music are also available.

Is There an Online Option at Bowling Green State University?

The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of College and Schools accredits BGSU's distance education program. Through this program, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and doctoral degrees can all be earned online. Certification programs are also available.

Who Are Some Famous Attendees of Bowling Green State University?

Some famous alumni of Bowling Green State University include CBS News personality Steve Hartman, comedic actor Tim Conway, Ohio congressional representative Tim Ryan and baseball legend Orel Hershiser.

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