Baker College Online

Introduction to Baker College Online

Baker College was founded in 1911. Since that time, the university has expanded to include nine campuses and six branch locations. Baker College Online delivers the same high-quality education to out-of-state and out-of-country students wishing to further their careers through flexible online programs.

Baker College Online -- Prospective Student Information

Online programs available at Baker College Online include associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and certification courses. Topics of study vary and include applied sciences, business, computer science, psychology and health services.

The admissions department at Baker College Online can be reached toll-free by call 800-469-3165 or email at All online courses feature an accelerated six-week format that allows year-round enrollment. To help pay for tuition, a variety of scholarships are available to eligible students. Flexible student loans, grants and other financial aid programs are also available.

FAQs on Baker College Online

Is Baker College Online a Credible Educator?

The Higher Learning Commission accredits all online degree programs offered by Baker College Online. The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education further accredits graduate programs at the school.

Baker College Online is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges. These accreditations and associations ensure that degree programs at the school meet or exceed the stringent guidelines imposed by each organization.

What Is the Structure of the Online Program at Baker College Online?

Following enrollment, new students must complete a three-week online orientation class. This class familiarizes students with the online teaching environment.

Once the class is complete, students are free to register for lectures and seminars. Classes take six weeks to complete and feature an accelerated format, so students can graduate and start working as soon as possible.

Via a web application known as Blackboard, students can participate in class discussions, have access to teacher lectures and turn in assignments.

What Type of Job Placement Assistance Does Baker College Online Offer?

Online program graduates are eligible to access the same employment services offered to students on campus. These services include job search techniques, resume and cover letter assistance, interview preparation and access to job postings. Thanks in part to these employment services, Baker College boasts a 98 percent employment rate for graduates.

What Is the Admissions Calendar Like at Baker College Online?

Baker College Online provides year-round enrollment. Summer, fall, winter and spring quarters are available and feature two enrollment sessions each. Students are encouraged to submit an application for admission two to three weeks prior to an acceptance deadline.

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