Ashworth University

Introduction to Ashworth University

Ashworth University was founded in 1987, following the unification of three Georgia schools: Professional Career Development Institute, Ashworth College and James Madison High School. The strengths and experience of each establishment combined to offer a wealth of high school and college degree programs. Since inception, Ashworth University has been devoted exclusively to distance education.

Ashworth University is an online educator committed to providing a flexible, affordable means of obtaining college and high school diplomas. More than 70 online degrees are offered in fields of study such as business, healthcare and information technology.

Ashworth University -- Prospective Student Information

Students interested in enrolling at Ashworth University are encouraged to contact the school by phone at 1-800-957-5412 or by email at The academic calendar is set up so that new and current students can enroll any time of the year. Interest-free tuition and other cost-effective solutions are available to assist in class payments.

FAQs on Ashworth University

Is Ashworth University an Accredited Institution?

The Distance Education and Training Council nationally accredits Ashworth University. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools regionally accredits the Ashworth University High School department.

What Are the Benefits of Earning an Online Degree From Ashworth University?

All online coursework at Ashworth University has the working adult in mind. Classes provide the flexibility to learn whenever it is convenient for the individual student. A year-round enrollment also delivers flexibility so that students may begin classes and graduate as quickly as possible.

What Are the Online Programs Like at Ashworth University?

Students can complete most online programs in 12 to 18 months. Bachelor's degrees take longer to complete. Exams are open-book and all course materials (textbooks, study books, etc.) are mailed directly to the student's door.

Online learning tools allow individuals to interact with fellow students and teachers. There are no specified class times and students can complete coursework at their leisure.

What Are the Credentials of the Faculty at Ashworth University?

Ashworth University employs experienced educators and industry experts. The goal of all faculty is to facilitate a flexible, lifestyle-friendly education.

Both teachers and advisers are committed to answering all student questions in a timely manner. To achieve maximum communication efficiency, students can reach Ashworth University faculty by phone, fax or email.

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