American Sentinel University

Introduction to American Sentinel University

Nationally recognized academic and business leaders founded American Sentinel University, including a past Chancellor Emeritus of Vanderbilt University and a Vice President for Nortel. The Distance and Training Council Accrediting Commission also accredits American Sentinel University. This accreditation covers all online programs offered by the virtual college.

American Sentinel University -- Prospective Student Information

Prospective students seeking further information regarding the programs offered at American Sentinel University can contact the school toll-free at 1-866-922-5690. The school makes higher education affordable to everyone and boasts some of the lowest tuition rates among online schools. Furthermore, American Sentinel University offers need-based grants, in-house financing and flexible loan programs to further enable a student's ability to invest in his or her future.

Students at American Sentinel University can access a variety of career paths through the wide range of degree programs, including criminal justice, business administration and healthcare. Short-term certification programs are also popular programs.

FAQs on American Sentinel University

What Is the Class Structure at American Sentinel University?

Classes take place year-round in eight- or 12-week sessions. Terms begin twice each month, allowing students to enroll at a convenient time for them. Flexible minimum enrollment requirements allow busy students to schedule their education around work and home life.

Students must satisfy the minimum enrollment per term of four weeks and a minimum of 15 credit hours over a 12-month period. Graduate students are only required to complete 12 credit hours over a 12-month period.

What Can Students Expect From Online Classes at American Sentinel University?

All classes at American Sentinel University are uniquely designed for Internet delivery. Each class is easily accessible via the web day or night. Small classes and knowledgeable teachers ensure that students properly learn comprehensive skills to prepare them for success in their chosen fields.

Teaching aids include self-tests, practice exercises and textbooks written by industry leaders and academic experts. IT studies incorporate real-world, professional software utilities.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Degree From American Sentinel University?

A combination of business aptitude and educational expertise translates into studies that ensure a solid mixture of theory and practical applications. Furthermore, the curriculum allows a student's innate talents to flourish.

Online degree programs are constantly reanalyzed to provide the most cutting-edge learning environment available. Students can take advantage of these features and benefit from a valuable online education.

Does American Sentinel University Accept Transfer Credits?

Class enrollment for each student matches the previous skill set that the individual has previously acquired. When possible, American Sentinel University gladly accepts accumulated credits from a variety of colleges. The school may also accept credit for professional certificates and work experience. This lenient transfer policy helps students acquire a degree as fast as possible, without the need for repeat studies.

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