Allied Schools

Introduction to Allied Schools

Allied Schools has more than 15 years of experience preparing students for direct entry into the job market and has enrolled more than 825,000 students nationwide. An online degree from Allied Schools allows students to complete work at a suitable individualized pace.

The school provides open enrollment year-round and the flexibility to complete classes without interfering with work and social life. Instruction reflects current learning methods to ensure that students are properly prepared for the latest developments in their chosen fields. Upon completion of each online program, Allied Schools provides job placement assistance free of charge.

Allied Schools -- Prospective Student Information

All online classes offered at Allied Schools result in a certificate of completion. Prospective students can learn more about each program by contacting the school by phone at 888-501-7686 or by email at

The school offers flexible payment plans to assist in the payment of tuition. Tuition assistance is also available for military veterans. Alumni discounts, multiple class discounts and "study with a buddy" discounts may also be available to students.

FAQs on Allied Schools

Is Allied Schools Nationally Accredited?

The Distance Education and Training Council nationally accredits all online classes offered at Allied Schools. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges and Commission on International Trans Regional Accreditation also regionally accredit the school. Furthermore, Allied Schools is approved by the following organizations:

* Appraiser Qualifications Board
* California Department of Real Estate
* California Office of Real Estate Appraisers
* Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, Real Estate Appraiser Board
* Florida Real Estate Commission
* Georgia Real Estate Commission
* Texas Real Estate Commission
* Utah Department of Commerce
* Washington Department of Licensing
* Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing
* Wyoming Certified Real Estate Appraiser Board

What Tools Does Allied Schools Provide to Students?

Allied Schools offers students the latest learning technologies. As part of this mission, students who enroll in an Allied Medical School professional program will receive a laptop computer that they get to keep after graduation. Entering a career with the ability to work on the go is the first step toward delivering a competitive edge over the competition.

What Can I Expect From the Teaching Faculty at Allied Schools?

Allied Schools prides itself on providing one-on-one live support to each student enrolled at the university. The school has hundreds of employees committed to helping each student succeed. To facilitate student/teacher communications, Allied Schools faculty can be reached by email, phone and fax.

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