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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is exactly what the name implies namely, a Master's Degree in business administration. Typically, the degree attracts individuals from a broad range of academic course study. The MBA designation originated in the US as a way to target a more scientific approach to management and marketing, as well as competition in the business sector. Accreditation bodies exist solely for the purpose of ensuring consistency and quality of business education in MBA programs. Numerous business schools offer MBA programs that are tailored to executives, as well as distance learning, full-time, and part-time students with specialized disciplines. The online MBA degree programs from our accredited colleges and universities will afford you with all the career advantages that this prestigious degree confers. Our MBA programs offer working professionals the many additional benefits of online learning, including cost-effectiveness, scheduling flexibility, and time efficiency.

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With an online MBA degree in tow, applying for MBA jobs makes it a lot easier to boost your earning potential. While having a Harvard MBA would be warmly embraced by most aspiring employers, it is now universally acceptable to have earned an online MBA from accredited online schools.

The Different Levels of MBA Degrees

Every curriculum has numerous courses of study, so it follows then that the Master of Business Administration Degree would present a variety of options as to the MBA disciplines that exist.  There is a multitude of online MBA programs available through the many accredited colleges and universities that we are affiliated with.  The following is a list of the more common types of MBA programs available:

  • Accelerated MBA - a variation of the standard two year programs. There is a heavier course load and more intense class and examination scheduling.  These programs have less "down time" during the program and in between semesters.  Additonally, there are no three to four month summer vacations, and there may be only 7-10 days in between semesters rather than the normal three to five weeks.
  • Executive MBA (EMBA) - programs that were developed to meet the educational needs of executives, managers, and supervisory personnel thus allowing them to earn their MBA or other business-related graduate degrees in two years or less while still holding down a full-time career.
  • Part-Time MBA - these classes are normally on weekday evenings after normal working hours.  Part-time programs of this nature usually take three or more years to complete.  The students in these programs are generally working professionals that have to carry a lighter course load for longer periods of time until their degree requirements are met.
  • Two-Year MBA - the "standard" MBA program that is normally completed in a 2-year period.  Typically, the course begins in August or September and continues until a year from the following May or June with the standard 3-4 month summer vacation in between the two years.  Students who enroll in the 2-year MBA programs usually enter with a healthy background of real-world experience in the career sector.  Like other university students they also take classes on weekdays.

Educational Requirements

Normally, admission into any MBA degree program requires that the student to have earned their Bachelor's Degree.  Additonally, progressing on to a Doctorate program may require holding some type of Master's Degree as well.  There are certain graduate programs that allow coursework on a Doctorate Degree to begin immediately after earning a Bachelor's Degree.  There are also some Master's programs that provide for a conjoined Bachelor's and Master's Degree after about five years of study from a top MBA school.

General Education Requirements

Since general education requirements are normally fulfilled while the student earns their undergraduate degree (i.e. Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees), there are no general educational requirements for a Master of Business Administration or MBA Degree.

Required Core Subjects

Required core subjects will always differ based on the MBA degree curriculum that the student enrolls in.  Typically, the general education requirements remain the same through most of the accredited colleges and universities that you can enroll in through this site.  However, required core subjects are determined by the discipline that you choose to pursue.  For more information on these required core subjects of you MBA Degree program, look at your particular degree curriculum listed above.

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