The Care and Repair of Bling: Jewelry Repair Certificates

Online classes in jewelry repair can help you earn and bring out your creative side as well if you decide to add jewelry design to your portfolio. Many distance learning courses in the jewelry field also include design. Jewelry doesn’t last forever so repairs are inevitable. Accredited jewelry repair programs can help increase your knowledge in the metallurgical skills. Courses which can lead to a certification or diploma include:

  • Embossing and engraving
  • Jewelry techniques
  • Jewelry repair
  • Fabrication
  • Stone setting
  • Precious metal
  • Jewelry design
  • Colored gemstones and diamonds
  • Metals

You’ll learn the basic skills of jewelry repair like sawing, filing, soldering, laminating and mounting semi-precious stones. Jewelry repair training will show you how to repair broken, damaged or worn pieces. You’ll learn how to do this using the latest metal working techniques and standard repair machinery and tools.

Online Jewelry Repair Course FAQs

What are some Basic Topics of a Jewelry Repair Class?

There are four areas of study when you take this training:

  • Metals, Gems and Materials in Jewelry Design- you’ll learn to identify precious metals and become familiar with alloys. You’ll also learn how to classify gemstones, understand their properties and learn how to price them.
  • Jewelry Creation- you’ll set gemstones in simple and complex settings and shapes
  • Repairing Jewelry- you’ll use soldering irons and other special tools to repair and change existing pieces. This will include ring resizing and reshanking.
  • The Business of Jewelry Design and Repair- you’ll be exposed to the jewelry business including marketing, accounting and planning your own business

What kind of Career can I have in Jewelry Repair?

Many jewelers become self employed. In addition, you can work for jewelry stores and other manufactures and repairers of jewelry.

Is it easy to work with Jewelry?

Not always. Precious metals can be difficult to work with especially small pieces such as rings, broaches and necklaces. Gemstones and metals can gradually create friction to metals and to the mounting that can eventually cause the need for repairs.

Free information is available about online jewelry design and repair classes by doing internet searches.

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