Learn a Language, Discover a Culture: French Courses

Online French courses help language lovers succeed in business and in personal endeavors. French studies from an accredited college offer new insights into the romantic language and can help career-minded people advance. French courses online might include basic or advanced lessons and ways to use the language in a business setting.Accredited universities offer French courses online that cover a wide range of dialects, including Canadian, Creole, classical and regional dialects. Earn a bachelor's degree in French from a distance learning school and you'll be prepared to pursue a master's degree in almost any field of study. Alternatively, just take online French courses to learn more about the language, culture and lifestyle.

Online French Course FAQs

What Additional Studies Will Balance My Online French Courses?

You can enhance online French courses with business and finance classes. Distance learning institutions offer a wide range of business classes. Combined with online French courses, they can lead to exciting careers in the international business arena.

Can I Learn More Than One Language While Taking a French Course Online?

If you have time, you can take additional language classes while completing a French course online. Once you master one language, it becomes easier to learn additional languages. Accredited schools offer language courses including Italian, Spanish and German.

What Kind of Jobs Are Available for Those Who Take Online French Courses?

The job skills training learned in online French courses might lead to a career in teaching, translating or international business. The career path you choose depends on what interests you the most. Explore study offerings from accredited colleges to get ideas about jobs for people who complete French courses online.

How Long Does It Take to Complete French Courses Online?

The time it takes to complete French courses online depends upon how far you want to go with your studies. You can learn conversational French in a matter of weeks through a distance education institution. More advanced French courses online can take months or years to complete.

Online French Courses Educational Requirements

French courses online have varying educational prerequisites depending upon the class or degree sought. Students who enroll in a distance education school to get a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree before they can pursue graduate studies.

An associate's degree or a four-year bachelor's degree distance learning program will require that applicants have a GED or high school diploma. Additional online French courses that stand independently from a degree program may not have any specific educational requirements.

Job Opportunities for Distance Learning Graduates

Graduates of accredited distance learning schools have a wide variety of job opportunities:

Many people who take online French courses qualify for coveted translator jobs.

International business strategy is a competitive field that's easier to navigate with a distance education degree.

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