On a Hero’s Path: Studying Fire Science Courses

Fire science courses online provide students a deeper understanding of fire protection and business operations and administration related to running a fire department. Students at accredited distance learning schools can choose to take online fire science courses that result in course certification, associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees and master's degrees. The education path you choose depends on your long-term career goals.A graduate of a distance education college that holds a certificate in an online fire science course of study is uniquely qualified to apply for jobs as a firefighter. Students who pursue bachelor's degrees or master's degrees will be qualified to seek out positions including fire chief or fire captain. Whatever career path you choose, you'll find a conflagration of hot jobs when you complete fire science courses online.

Online Fire Science Course FAQs

Do I Have to Follow an Accelerated Program of Learning When I Study for a Degree at a Distance Education College?

Students do not have to study at an accelerated rate when they take online fire science courses from a distance learning school. One of the biggest benefits about completing studies at an accredited university online is that you can complete classes at your own pace. Some distance learning classes may move more quickly, and some may take longer to complete.

Are Online Fire Science Courses From Distance Learning Schools Connected With Any Professional Firefighters' Associations?

Many of the accredited colleges that offer online fire science courses have strong ties to professional firefighters' associations. A great number of distance learning professors who offer fire science classes online have memberships to national associations, including the National Association of Fire Investigators and the National Fire Protection Association. Professional association membership ensures that distance education professors can design an online fire science course of study that's up-to-date and relevant.

Fire Science Online Educational Requirements

Students who wish to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in fire science must have a GED or high school diploma. If you want to earn a master's degree, you must first complete your four-year undergraduate degree.

The educational requirements for fire prevention certification vary by school and by class and may not require a high school diploma. For more information about educational requirements, check with a student adviser at the distance education school.

Online Fire Science Courses -- Job Opportunities

Students who complete an online fire science course of study have a variety of career opportunities available to them:

Becoming a firefighter is a popular career choice for people who earn a fire protection training certificate from a distance learning school.

Many graduates of accredited colleges choose to become a fire chief. In addition to fire protection, the chief is responsible for the day to day operations and public relations of a firehouse.

Homeland security jobs are another popular career alternative for people who have completed a master's degree in online fire science courses.

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