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Online cosmetology courses transport students into the world of beauty. Many graduates of distance learning schools begin working in high-end beauty salons or upscale barbershops when they finish college. Other students who earn an online cosmetology course certificate from an accredited university choose to become self-employed. Online studies in cosmetology offer graduates of distance learning schools an exciting and rewarding vocation, no matter which career path they decide to take.Students can take classes ranging from manicure and pedicure essentials to managing a beauty salon from a distance learning school. The class work includes beginning and advanced levels of cosmetology courses online, so there's something for everyone. Find out if the beautiful world of cosmetology is right for you.

Online Cosmetology Course FAQs

Do I Need Special Software to Take Cosmetology Courses Online?

Online cosmetology courses typically do not require that students purchase special software to take classes. All distance learning programs are different, so it's important to check with the specific program you are interested in before choosing an accredited school.

What Kind of Business Management Instruction Is Offered Through Online Cosmetology Courses?

An online cosmetology course of study that focuses on business management provides essential instruction for students interested in owning or managing a salon, barber shop or spa. The class work at distance learning colleges and universities focuses on day-to-day business management fundamentals including equipment, hiring the right mix of staff, merchandising and marketing.

Can I Select a Specific Area of Focus When I Take Online Cosmetology Courses?

Many students choose one area to focus on when they sign up for online cosmetology courses at a distance education program. Students might decide to obtain aromatherapy, nail design or hair color job skills training in order to sharpen their skills and to follow their personal beauty muse.

Educational Requirements for Online Cosmetology Courses

Some online cosmetology course certification programs do not have any specific educational requirements. Other, more advanced cosmetology training offered by distance learning schools require that students earn a high school diploma or a GED before enrolling in classes. The admissions department of an accredited university or college can provide more information about educational requirements based on course of study.

Career Opportunities for Graduates of Online Cosmetology Courses

Some of the jobs available for graduates of online cosmetology courses include beautician, salon coordinator, spa manager and stylist. There are many opportunities in this field for someone who really wants to grow in a career.

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