Make Feminine Magic in Beauty & Cosmetology Certificates

Beauty and cosmetology online courses help creative beauty professionals find work in their chosen field. Distance learning programs offer courses for people interested in becoming make-up artists, hair stylists, manicurists and salon owners and managers.Every state has different licensing requirements for beauty professionals. Online beauty and cosmetology courses can help professionals achieve and maintain their educational requirements.Continuing education is an important part of any distance learning program. Ongoing online beauty and cosmetology courses help talented people find a niche for the job skills they learn at an accredited school.

Online Beauty & Cosmetology Course FAQs

What Kind of Online Beauty and Cosmetology Courses Are Available?

Online beauty and cosmetology courses include information on hair and scalp health, hairstyling, braiding, hair coloring, make-up design, facials, pedicures and much more. Distance schools provide detail for every aspect of careers in beauty so students will be prepared when they begin working.

Is Esthetics a Part of Online Beauty and Cosmetology Courses?

Esthetics is a catch-all for beauty work related to skin analysis, facials, facial massage, skin care and hair removal and is often included in beauty and cosmetology courses online. Distance education programs for cosmetology students often provide esthetics training as part of their core curriculum.

How Many Hours a Week Should I Devote to Distance Learning Classes?

Expect to spend at least 10 hours a week on your studies if you are trying to earn a degree from an accredited distance education program. Intensive programs of study may take 15-20 hours a week. Introductory online beauty and cosmetology courses may take less time to complete.

Online Beauty and Cosmetology Courses Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for beauty and cosmetology courses online vary depending upon the course of study. Students can earn training certification, associate's or bachelor's degrees from a distance learning program with a high school diploma or a GED. A master's degree program in business management requires that enrolling students have already completed an undergraduate degree.

Careers for People Who Complete Beauty and Cosmetology Courses Online

There are a number of exciting careers available for students who complete beauty and cosmetology courses online. Manicurists learn about nail health and styles for nails in online beauty and cosmetology courses. Distance learning schools provide manicure and pedicure classes and training.

Hair stylists and barbers use the job skills training they learn in beauty and cosmetology courses online to bring beautiful cuts and styling to their customers.

Colorists with training from a distance learning program specialize in selecting the perfect hair color for clients. Students who earn advanced degrees that include management and business courses of study will be ready to own or manage a salon.

Many business-minded stylists pursue careers in product development or beauty sales. Both marketing careers can increase what a stylist will earn and may offer more stability than other careers related to beauty and cosmetology.

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