Get Your Career off the Ground: Aviation Courses

Aviation courses online help pilots get off the ground. Accredited distance education programs provide job skills training to high school graduates and college students or graduates who are interested in pilot training. Online aviation courses prepare pilots for the rigors of flying or working in an aviation-related business. Distance learning classes include prep work for air traffic control, test pilots, commercial and corporate pilot careers. Aviation courses online for high school students often transfer into high school class credits. Students can use distance learning credits toward a college degree or advanced aviation studies. Job skills training in online courses in aviation can lead to good-paying jobs in the most exciting industry in the air.

Online Aviation Course FAQs

What Are the Benefits of Taking Aviation Courses Online?

Taking aviation courses online allows students to focus on their studies. Distance learning programs let people work at their own pace, so students can take their time or quickly move through assignments. In addition to self paced learning, online classes also typically mean a reduction in cost and the ability to complete studies quicker. Courses are usually interactive and can include everything from text and graphics to videos and diagrams, which makes it easier to help you understand the syllabus. Finally, it also means that you don’t have to travel anywhere to attend classes. This means that you can train anywhere and are not bound to the location of the school when it comes to choosing where to do your flight training. This is great if you can find a place with economical flight training in your area.

Can I Earn a Doctoral-Level Degree Through a Distance Education Program?

Associate's, bachelor's, masters and doctoral-level degrees are available through distance learning universities. Accredited schools also offer certificates to indicate course completion for non-degree programs.

What Kind of Technology Do I Need to Take Classes From a Distance Learning College?

Students who take online aviation courses from a distance learning college only need basic technology to keep up with their classes. The most recent version of the Windows operating system, any modern browser and email are often all that you need to earn a degree online.

Will I Get a Promotion or a Raise When I Complete My Distance Education Classes?

Students who are pursuing a course of study through distance education in hopes of getting a promotion or a raise should speak to their employers before signing up for any classes. It's critical that you follow the career path set up by your employer and take online classes from an accredited school that closely matches your employer's needs and qualifications. Selecting an accredited school not only ensures higher educational standards, but also often means that you can make use of certain types of financial aid.

Online Aviation Courses Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for applicants applying for online aviation courses vary according to the course of study and the accredited school offering the class. Some distance learning universities require a high school diploma or a GED for aviation courses online. Other distance education programs might require a bachelor's degree for more advanced online aviation courses.

Online Aviation Courses Job Opportunities

Online aviation courses provide plentiful job opportunities for clients who are enthusiastic about flying:

Air traffic controllers keep rush hour commuters sane with updates on traffic and the weather provided as part of radio and TV station news. Distance learning universities give students the background they need to find jobs in air traffic control.

Corporate pilots enjoy cushy jobs with companies who need pilots to ferry them back and forth to meet with clients, customers and vendors. Online aviation courses provide training for corporate and commercial pilots. Airlines usually prefer pilots who not only have a pilot certificate, but also a four year degree.

What Type of Salaries Do People Who Work In Aviation Typically Earn?

There are a number of different career paths in aviation and they all have different levels of compensation. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the 2015 median annual wage for air traffic controllers as $122,950 while airline and commercial pilots earned a median annual wage of $102,520 during the same year.

What Type of Aviation Degrees Can Be Earned Online?

Some of the popular aviation degrees that can be earned online include aviation administration, aviation management and aviation technology. These are available at both a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree level. Obviously it is not feasible to learn how to fly a plane using only online courses, so professional pilot degrees are typically available in a blended format. This means that you learn the actual flying at a local airport or similar location while you complete the academic portion online.

What Type Of Aviation Degree Should I Choose?

Choosing the right type of aviation degree to pursue is a very important decision. Ensure that the course covers all the information that you need for the career that you would like to enter after completion. For example, if you are interested in becoming a commercial pilot then a degree with a professional pilot emphasis is a good choice. Aviation administration on the other hand might be more suited for people who want an aviation career at a more managerial level.

What Type of Courses Can I Usually Expect From An Online Aviation Degree?

The types of courses included in your program will depend on the type of degree that you are completing. For example, common courses in a Master of Aviation Management degree include crew resource management, aviation safety management systems, human factors in aviation systems and human resource development. An Associate of Applied Science Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology on the other hand might include courses in basic electricity, rigging and fuel systems, landing gear systems and turbine engine maintenance.

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