You Know How to Make it Work: Applied Technology Courses

Students who take applied technology courses online are prepared to work in one of the many hot technology jobs posted on job boards today. Tech support, medical technology, tech repair, telecommunications installations and maintenance are just a few of the career paths for graduates who earn a certificate or a degree from an accredited college online.Applied technology courses online provide motivated students with basic and advanced job skills training to make finding a job after graduation easier. Students can earn associate's and bachelor's degrees in applied technology or complete an online applied technology course of study to receive certification.

Online Applied Technology Course & Certificate FAQs

I Started Taking Applied Technology Courses Online and Had to Stop. Can I Transfer My Completed Class Credits for Certification?

Distance education programs frequently allow students to transfer class credits upon entrance to applied technology courses online. Review transfer policies with an accredited college's admissions department to determine how your credits might transfer to your new school.

Will I Be Able to Join the Union After I Graduate From a Distance Learning Program?

Union membership is tied into the type of work that you do. If you successfully complete online applied technology courses and begin work as a telecommunications technician, you might be required to join the local union. Hiring companies will list union membership requirements in their job descriptions.

Will I Need to Buy Tools After I Graduate From a Distance Education Program?

Many companies require that technicians purchase their own tools for work. This varies by hiring company. After you graduate from a distance learning school, review job descriptions for people who have taken online applied technology courses to find out what tools, if any, you need to buy. In some cases, distance learning programs will provide tools to students upon class enrollment.

Do I Need a High School Diploma to Take Applied Technology Courses Online?

Applied technology courses online may not require a high school diploma. However, hiring companies often require that job applicants have a GED or a high school diploma. Distance learning universities offer high school diploma equivalency and GED programs online. Talk with your accredited college's faculty to find out about high school diploma programs of study.

Educational Requirements for Online Applied Technology Courses & Certificates

Applied technology courses online typically require that students entering the distance education program have a high school diploma or a GED. Review admissions policies at the accredited college where you wish to study to learn more about class requirements.

Career Opportunities for Graduates of Applied Technology Courses Online

There are many exciting job opportunities for graduates of applied technology courses online. Many distance learning students leave school and begin work as technicians in fields including automotive, mining, transportation and computers. The job skills training offered in applied technology courses online is widespread, so the jobs available vary according to individual course of study.

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