Classic Care for Furry Friends: Animal Care Certificates

If you're a lover of animals you might want to increase your knowledge of our fellow earth inhabitants by taking online courses in animal care. Free information is available online for on location and distance learning classes in this field.Many careers are available for those interested in animals. For example, with the right combination of passion and training, you could be a:

  • Dog obedience trainer and instructor
  • Pet groomer
  • Veterinary assistant or technician
  • Equine (horse) and stable manager

Animal shelter workerIn addition to many jobs and career paths, with a little business sense you can be an entrepreneur and own your own pet shop, pet grooming or pet walking business. Even if you're not seeking to go into a profession, if you have pets, you could get some insights into their behavior by taking some online animal care classes.

Online Animal Care Course FAQ's

What Does a Basic Animal Course Content Consist of?

An introductory course might contain information on:

  • Rabbits
  • Birds
  • Horses
  • Mice and guinea pigs
  • Dogs and cats

The class is designed for you to understand the fundamental needs of all animals. This includes feeding, tending to illnesses, and how to properly care for pets.

What are some options if I wanted to go further in the field but I don't want to be a Veterinarian?

A veterinary assistant may be a good career path. This course material further expands on how to care for the health and welfare of many creatures. In addition, you'll receive instruction about animal behaviors, medicine for animals and the physiology of animals.

You can also take online classes that will help you learn to:

  • Give first aid to animals
  • Record their vital signs
  • Order animal food and supplies
  • Take care of animals after surgery
  • Coordinate boarding schedules

What Famous People have had Animal Care Jobs?

One of Sylvester Stallone's early jobs was cleaning out lion's cages. This may not be animal care but one of actor, Warren Beatty's, early stints was toiling as a rat catcher!

You can obtain free information on several distance learning animal care classes by doing online research.

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