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If you've been searching for online learning and education opportunities we can help. We've just made it much easier for the individual who wants to take a course for personal development; to pursue a hobby, to train for a new career, to brush up on business skills, or earn a college degree. The information listed on this page will help you select your courses from a list of accredited schools, colleges and universities for high quality distance learning. Learning has never been easier or more convenient and you can now explore your area of interest at your own pace. No matter where you are, you have the world of education at your fingertips.

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Reasons for enrolling into an Online Course

Taking online courses versus attending standard classes have a number of features and benefits. The primary reason is one of simple economics, and it is two-fold in nature. Online courses are financially more cost-effective compared to the standard institutional education. You can that a step further when you consider there is less fuel expense incurred since you aren't driving to your classes.

Since there are no set class times and you can literally do your homework around the clock, there is a great deal of flexibility involved with taking online courses. That flexibility also includes saving time by not having to walk or drive in between your classes. When you're online, you can jump from one course to another by merely clicking your mouse. Additonally, you can take several courses at once.

If you have a full-time or part-time job, you can still work and earn a living. Or if you are a homemaker with children, online courses do not interfere with being a parent. But best of all, besides the financial factors mentioned, you will earn your degree quicker when you take online courses --- sometimes in as little as 10 months.


Accreditation is not some exclusive club for select colleges and universities. It plays a key role within the education community. There is no governing body in the United States which is solely responsible for assessing each education program and every education institution in the country. Therefore, the various accreditation agencies function to keep education standards in check. The Department of Education views the purpose of accreditation is as follows:

  • To assist institutions in the determination of acceptability of transfer credits.
  • Creates the criteria for licensure and professional certification.
  • Encourages the improvement of education standards for both institutions and programs.
  • Helps the student to identify a quality institution to enroll in.
  • Identifies those institutions and programs that would benefit from the investment of private and public funding.
  • Provide verification that institutions meet strict education standards.

Types of Online Courses

There is a wide array of courses and degree programs available as seen above in the pertinent sections. The curriculum you choose will determine the classes that you will enroll in. There are six key classifications of online courses, education, and training that you can enroll in:

Career Training- features diploma and vocational training programs

Online Business Courses- our business skills section has the widest variety of business courses available online

Online Language Courses- expand your current language skills

Online Training Courses- online courses for IT Certification

Personal Development- hobby-oriented and personal interest courses

Professional Continuing Education- online CE and CEU courses

How to Choose an Online Classes

If you have truly decided that an online education and/or degree are what you want to pursue, here are 8 steps to take in order to choose the subjects best suited to your educational needs:

  • Decide if taking online classes is right for you
  • Determine the category of course studies that you wish to take
  • Consider all your options --- two-year, four-year, certification, etc.
  • Determine if your educational philosophy is like that of the instructors
  • Make sure that your PC and internet connection integrate with that of the school's
  • Before signing the "dotted line", inquire about their refund policy --- avoid surprises
  • Inquire about technical and/or customer support
  • Once you have done all of the above, you're ready to enroll and sign up

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