Helping To Spread The Word of God: Ministerial Studies Degree

Do you feel like you have a calling to share your faith with the world and help to spread the word of God? Would you enjoy making a living as a religious leader, associate pastor, pastor or evangelist? If so, a ministerial studies degree is an important step in the right direction. It can teach you more about ministry and help to prepare you for showing people the love of God and touching their lives in meaningful ways. This is not only great for strengthening your faith, but also gaining a deeper understanding of the history as well as meanings of religion.

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Ministerial Studies Degree Information

Associate of Biblical & Ministerial Studies

The Associate of Biblical & Ministerial Studies degree tend to focus on developing the bible study skills of students as well as improving their public speaking abilities. It can be a good stepping stone for those wishing to eventually go on to work as Christian education directors, associate ministers or pastors. Programs that are typically included in this type of course range from bible study methods and biblical interpretation to systematic theology, spiritual life and personal evangelism and discipleship. Completing this type of degree is usually a two year process.

Bachelor of Arts in Ministerial Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministerial Studies is a four year program that helps to prepare students for parish or congregational ministry. Courses for this type of degree may include biblical studies, historical studies, religious and philosophical studies, theological and ethical studies, as well as pastoral studies. Typically you can also select the emphasis of this type of degree, such as Christian education philosophy, church media theology, leadership youth ministry or Christian counseling pastoral ministry.

Master of Arts in Ministry Studies

Students who wish to become even more effective in vocational ministry can go on to complete a Master of Arts in Ministry Studies degree. This is an interdisciplinary degree and in addition to general ministry courses, students can also choose to specialize in worship studies, youth and family ministry studies or leadership studies. This type of degree is typically available to students with an existing bachelor’s degree from an accredited institute, although leveling courses may be required if the previous degree is not in an applicable field such as theology, religion or practical ministry.

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Ministerial Studies Degree FAQs

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study For This Degree?

In addition to strong faith, the most important skill you’ll need for a career in this field is communication skills. Being a minister or other type or religious leader requires you to regularly speak in front of large groups of people, so it is something that you should be comfortable with. In addition to speaking to groups you’ll also have to counsel individual people on serious personal matters. This means that you’ll need to have good active listening skills and respect for other people. Equally important is the ability to work well with other people and a genuine interest in serving others. Being sensitive and caring is a definite advantage in this field along with the flexibility to handle all the responsibilities that a career in this field entails.

Can I Complete A Ministerial Studies Degree Online?

It is possible to complete a degree in ministerial studies online, especially at a mater’s degree level. However, online courses at associate’s and bachelor’s degree levels are also available, although some are in hybrid format. Taking part in an online ministerial studies degree program means you are able to improve your ministering skills without having to sacrifice your commitment to existing obligations. This flexibility is especially vital if you are already working or don’t live close to a campus location. Online programs can provide you with the same high quality education as campus based courses and you can still interact with fellow students or teachers using online communications. In order to take part in an online program you only need a computer that is connected to the internet along with a webcam and microphone.

What Are My Career Options After Obtaining My Degree In This Field?

In addition to working for various religious organizations, members of the clergy are also sometimes employed by other industries. These include general medical and surgical hospitals, home health care services, nursing care facilities and elementary as well as secondary schools. Career options include becoming a lead pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor, children’s pastor, missions coordinator, bible study leader and more.

What Type of Duties Might I Have When Working In This Field?

When working as a Christian minister there are a couple of general duties that might be required from you. In addition to conducting worship services, you may also have to handle other services, such as funerals and baptisms. It will also be your responsibility to provide leadership to all the members of your congregation. Depending on the size and type of church where you work you might also have additional responsibilities. These can include organizing staff meetings or leading bible studies groups. Other duties may include marriage or family counseling along with personal visits to parishioners who are unable to attend church services to factors such as illness. Finally, administration also plays a role in running a church, so you might have to handle church finances and perform other organization and management tasks.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When I Am Employed As A Minister?

The mean annual wage for members of the clergy is estimated to be about $53,180, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, hourly wages tend to range from as little as $12.89 all the way up to $26,53, depending on factors such as location and place of employment. California and New York are amongst the states with the highest employment level for this type of occupation, while places such as the District of Columbia and Hawaii are amongst the top paying.

What Are The Other Advantages of Obtaining a Ministerial Studies Degree?

The biggest benefit to obtaining this type of degree is that it prepares you for working as a religious leader, which is an occupation that comes with a very high level of job satisfaction.

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