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Arab Culture and Civilization
"What you will find in this site is both a basic set of resources that can be used independently as an overall introduction to various aspects of Arab Culture (see the Main Menu for a list), as well as a dynamic set of resources that can be used by teachers and students as, or to supplement course materials. Each unit in the course contains a set of readings - texts that we have been able to bring to the site for public access...Each unit also contains an audio/video component, in which you will find extended interviews with and presentations by prominent scholars and cultural and community leaders.
"Modules" include: History ; Ethnicity and Identity ; Islam ; Arab Americans ; Literature and Philosophy ; Popular Culture and Performing Arts ; Family and Society ; Art and Architecture ; Arabic Language ; Geography, Demographics, and Resources.
- The National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education

Brookings Institutions - Foreign Policy Studies - Iraq
Sections include: Current Commentary ; Selected Readings ; Iraq Memos ; Middle East Policy ; Project on Terrorism ; Sanctions ; Internally Displaced Persons ; U.S. Policy Towards the Islamic World.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

  • Arabic Web Portal
    "...designed to reach new audiences and broaden access to Carnegie's growing volume of Arabic publications. The main feature of the Carnegie Arabic Web Portal is the Arabic-language version of the Arab Reform Bulletin. Also included are Arabic translations of select Carnegie Papers and commentaries on the Middle East and related subjects, as well as writings originally published in Arabic."
  • Arab Political Systems: Baseline Information and Reforms
    "It provides easily accessible baseline information about the political systems of Arab countries, with links to official documents and websites, and will be frequently updated to provide information about reforms being introduced."

Harvard University - Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Listing of references with no annotations - Includes: Maps ; History ; Women's Studies ; Photographs ; Religion ; Journals ; Newspapers.

Iraq - See our separate Iraq Studies page.

Middle East Network Information Center (MENIC)
A well organized and important gateway to the Middle East. Subject Categories include: Ancient History ; Arts and Humanities ; Business and Finance ; Cultures and Groups ; Government and Politics ; Maps ; News ; Regional Information ; Education ; Energy ; Religion ; Society ; Academia ; Libraries ; Organizations ; Historical Records Resources as well as resources by country.
The Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas, Austin

Middle East Research & Information Project (MERIP)
Sections include: Background ; Middle East Report ; Press Information Notes ; Internships ; Newspaper Op-Eds.

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
"...is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization. MEMRI was established in February 1998 to study and analyze intellectual developments and politics in the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict, with a particular emphasis on its Israeli-Palestinian dimension. In its research, MEMRI is dedicated to the proposition that the values of liberal democracy, civil society, and the free market are relevant to the Middle East and to United States foreign policy towards the region."

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Middle East
"...an on-going compilation of electronic bibliographic resources and research materials on the Middle East and North Africa (in the broadest sense) available on the global Internet, created under the purview of the Middle East Studies Department of Columbia University Libraries. Electronic resources from the Middle East are organized by region, country and subject. All materials are arranged to encourage an awareness of authorship, type of information, and subject. The scope of the collection is research-oriented, but it also provides access to other gopher and web sites with different or broader missions."
By Frank Unlandherm, Middle East Studies Librarian, Columbia University

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