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"...a joint project of the [University of Washington's]
Health Sciences Libraries and is the most comprehensive collection of health-related web resources, including databases and journals.
An amazing collection of resources.

MEDLINEplus Health Information
"Find information on hundreds of diseases, conditions and wellness issues...This service provides access to extensive information about specific diseases and conditions and also has links to consumer health information from the National Institutes of Health, dictionaries, lists of hospitals and physicians, health information in Spanish and other languages, and clinical trials. There is no advertising on this site, nor does MEDLINEplus endorse any company or product."

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Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) see

DNA Interactive
"This site is dedicated to the moment on February 1953, when Jim Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double-helical structure of DNA - and to the scientists who breathed life into that structure."
Sections include: Timeline ; Code ; Manipulation ; Genome ; Applications ; Chronicle.
- The Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

EthnoMed Home Page
"...contains information about cultural beliefs, medical issues and other related issues pertinent to the health care of recent immigrants to Seattle, many of whom are refugees fleeing war-torn parts of the world."
Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington

Healthy People 2010
"Healthy People is a national health promotion and disease prevention initiative that brings together national, State, and local government agencies; nonprofit, voluntary, and professional organizations; businesses; communities; and individuals to improve the health of all Americans, eliminate disparities in health, and improve years and quality of healthy life."

NLM Gateway Search
"The NLM Gateway allows users to search in multiple retrieval systems at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM). The current Gateway searches MEDLINE/PubMed, OLDMEDLINE, LOCATORplus, AIDS Meetings, Health Services Research Meetings, HSRProj, MEDLINEplus and DIRLINE."
National Library of Medicine

- MCAT Prep Resources

Online Degree Information

Find information on online degree programs and online courses. Learn more about earning a degree online through distance education and browse through accredited online and campus-based schools, colleges and universities. Discover degrees by subject category or degree level (e.g. associate, bachelor, master or doctoral). Further your career and improve your earning potential - get educated today!