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Do you have a keen interest in healthcare reform and would like to use your expertise to become an informed healthcare advocate? Would you like to learn the skills that are required to help others deal with the complexities of healthcare reform? By completing a case management degree you can make a difference in the lives of individuals with medical conditions. Whether you want to work with patients in a specific age group or those suffering from a specific disease, such as cancer or HIV, this type of degree can prepare you to assist them with their long term healthcare plans.

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Medical Case Management Degree Information

Bachelor of Science in Medical Case Management

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Case Management is a degree program that is available on-campus or online and typically requires about 120 credits for completion. Although typically aimed at students with a health-related background, such as those working as nurses and medical assistants, this is not a requirement for enrollment. Major courses for this type of degree may include Health Care Research, Health Care Economics, Case Management Fundamentals, Adjustment To Disability, Community Services, Case Work Reporting Techniques, Case Management Special Populations, and more. Recommended open electives for this type of degree range from Organizational Communication and Principles of Reimbursement Management to Psychosocial Health Concerns, Cultural Issues in Health Care and Quality and Performance Improvement in Health Care.

Master of Science in Nursing - Case Management Specialization

The Master of Science in Nursing - Case Management Specialization is a degree aimed at people who want to take their nursing careers to the next level. This degree typically takes 37 credit hours to complete, so it can be done within two years. Course topics for this degree may include Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing, Concepts of Case Management, Clinical and Administrative Systems, Life Care Planning, Healthcare Systems and Modern Organizations and Healthcare.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

Health and human services professionals who are interested in a career as case manager can also complete a medical case management certificate. In order to qualify for this type of certificate, students must have already completed an undergraduate degree at a college or university that is accredited. In addition, they should have completed the foundations of the case management and statistics course. The length of this certificate is typically 13 - 14 credit hours. Certification is also available through the American Case Management Association if you work as a registered nurse or social worker.

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Medical Case Management Degree FAQ

Is It Possible To Study For This Type of Degree Online?

Because the medical case management degree is typically aimed at people who are already working in the healthcare industry, there are a number of online options available. This ensures that it is possible to complete the degree without having to give up your existing job. In addition to the flexibility of studying on your own time, completing a degree online is often a more cost-effective solution as well. This is because it enables you to cut back on travel expenses or the need to move closer to the campus. Usually, all you require to take part in an online degree program is a computer or laptop that has access to the internet. All study materials are typically supplied via online means and communicating with teachers or fellow students is done using email forums or other online methods.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study For A Medical Case Management Degree?

A medical case management degree is ideally suited for individuals who already have a strong background as a staff nurse. This will be very beneficial as it enables them to better understand the nursing process as well as the needs that particular patients might have. Since your job will entail assisting people who are going through difficult situations, it helps to have compassion. It also means that you need to have good communication skills as well as good listening skills. Your time-management and observational skills should be very good, while the ability to teach others is also a huge advantage. The ability to use basic computer software programs is a must, especially if opting for an online degree program. Finally, you need to be flexible enough to adapt to changing environments and able to work independently if needed.

What Type of Employment Options Might I Have After Obtaining A Medical Case Management Degree?

There are a number of different employment options that might be open to students with a medical case management degree. Some go on to work as independent consultants, while others find employment at rehabilitation agencies or legal firms. Employment might also be available at insurance providers, physicians’ practices, or integrated health care systems. With this type of degree and enough experience, it may also be possible to advance your career to director positions. Further education can also open up careers in related fields, such as social work or counseling. With a master's degree in this field you may have the potential to work as a director of nursing, emergency department RN, operating room registered nurse, and more.

What Type of Responsibilities Might I Have When Employed As a Medical Case Manager?

The primary responsibility of medical case managers is ensuring that patients have access to the healing regimens that are required for their particular needs. This is accomplished by evaluating the medical condition of the patient and then implementing a plan of care. It is then followed by coordinating medical resources, monitoring the progress of the patient, and helping them to choose cost-effective care. Medical case managers often work collaboratively with a number of people, ranging from medical providers to other agency personnel. It is the responsibility of a medical case manager to inform clients about what systems of care are available to them and then assisting them with navigating these systems if at all possible in order to foster client independence. There are a couple of things that do not fall under the responsibilities of a medical case manager, such as providing hands-on medical care, diagnosing their condition, or prescribing medication.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Employed As A Medical Case Manager?

Reliable salary information for medical case managers are not available from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, but your potential income will depend on the type of degree you have earned, your employer as well as the area where you are employed.

What Are The Other Advantages of Studying Medical Case Management?

The biggest advantage of studying medical case management is that it will help to prepare you for a career where you will be helping people in need. Without a medical case manager offering assistance, the whole process of dealing with health personnel may be overwhelming to patients. This is why medical case managers are such an important part of the healthcare system.

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