Math Teachers: Can You Be One of Their Number?

If you are logical and enjoy puzzles and solving problems, you probably love math. If you love math, you may want to share that love by teaching others. Math has many branches, and you may choose to specialize in anyone of them, such as algebra, trigonometry or calculus.

Math teachers are in constant demand, more so than teachers of many other subjects. Math teachers can work in public or private schools in nearly every community. You may also teach math in adult education classes.

There never seem to be enough math teachers. So, earning a math teacher degree can help prepare you for this secure profession. If you’re a math person, you probably have selected an aspect of the field that appeals to you. It may be geometry, algebra, calculus, etc. The best path to teaching at any level might be to choose a field and learn everything you can about it. Although more states allow some leeway for education requirements for their prospective high school and elementary math teachers, you usually have to follow some type of state teachers regulations including passing a test.

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Math Teacher Education Degree Information

To teach math you must meet your state teaching certification requirements. Most states require at least a Bachelor’s degree with specialized courses in education, and they require student teaching or fieldwork. You must also pass a certification exam in most states.

Course work will focus on education methods, such as lesson planning, learning methods, using technology n education and learning assessment. You will also need to take psychology and as many math courses as you can fit.


If you already have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, you may be able to complete the teaching course requirements online, except for the required fieldwork.

You can also complete your Bachelor’s or master’s degree online, with the same exception.

Course work will consist of education courses, such as classroom management, diversity, inclusion and exceptional learners, teaching and learning fundamentals, general teaching principles and practice teaching.

You will also be required to take a number of specialized and advanced math teaching classes, such as effective mathematics teaching practices.

Earning a Degree Online

You can earn a degree that will qualify you to become a math teacher almost entirely online. The only exception will be state required fieldwork and student teaching assignments.

Be sure that your state certification agency accepts degrees form programs you are considering. You can find a list of the accredited programs and certification requirements on your state’s website.

Online Math Teacher Education Degree

Education classes you might take online include educational foundation, student assessments, teaching methods and curriculum development. Several accredited colleges and universities offer online math education teacher degree programs. These can help you become a competent math teacher. Research all of the free information about online math teacher education classes on the Internet.


A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum credential to be hired at a public school or to achieve state teaching certification. A Bachelor’s degree usually takes four years to complete, although you may shorten the time by taking courses during session breaks.

Many math teachers earn their bachelor’s degree in math and then add a minor or certificate program in education.

Courses will include fundamentals of teaching, planning lessons and learning assessments.


A master’s degree will equip you for a leadership role in school administration. You will spend about two years earning a Master’s degree. Courses will include quantitative analysis and learning plans development, as well as effective math teaching techniques.

Further Education

You may choose to earn a PhD in math education, which would qualify you for higher pay and more administrative roles. You will also be able to teach math at institutes of higher education or prep schools. You will be required to do an individual thesis to earn this degree.


You will take courses in educational psychology, mathematical and quantitative analysis, learning methods, and classroom management techniques. You will also be required to complete a student teaching assignment, as well as advanced math-teaching methods.

Career Opportunities

Math teachers are always in high demand. You will find positions in public and private schools, and in adult education facilities in nearly every community. Math teachers primarily teach in middle schools and high schools.

Earning Potential

Teachers earn on average between $50,000 and $60,000 per year. Math teachers tend to earn near the higher end of that range. Teachers also benefit from more time off than other professions are given, and they often enjoy high levels of benefits that exceed the standard in the private sector.

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Math teacher Education Degree FAQs

Should I major in math or education if I want to teach math?

Many students choose to major in math and minor in education, or to complete a post-baccalaureate certificate program in education. Before making the decision, you should check your state licensing requirements to be sure that the certificate option is valid for your state’s licensing requirements.

Is the demand for math teachers expected to remain high?

The demand for all teachers is expected to grow at 15-17 percent, but math teachers enjoy higher demand. You should find ample opportunities for a rewarding career as a math teacher at either public or private schools in nearly every community.

What grades will I be teaching?

Math teachers usually teach middle school or high school students.

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