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Many Linguistic Organizations list specific online resources.

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Topics include The Profession; Research & Research Support; Publication; Pedagogy; Language Resources; Computer Support; Linguist Sites.
- Eastern Michigan University & Wayne State University

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Ethnologue, Web Version
"This electronic version of Ethnologue: Languages of the World presents the data used to prepare the printed volumes, along with links to the SIL Bibliography and the International Academic Bookstore."

History of the English Language
The website for the HEL-L discussion list.

The Language and Gender Page
"...provides information and resources about language and gender studies.

Proto Indo European Language
Demonstration & Exploration *Webhsite
"You'll get to discover first hand how linguists, anthropologists, and archeologists work together to reconstruct our ancient linguistic ancestor, Proto-Indo-European."
University of Texas, San Antonio College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Rhetorical Structure Theory
"This is a site devoted to the linguistic topic of Rhetorical Structure Theory. It is maintained by Bill Mann. It is intended as a growing resource for those who would like to learn, use, understand, refute, supersede, admire or question RST."

SIL International
"The purpose of SIL International (formerly known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics) is to work with language communities worldwide to facilitate language-based development through research, translation, and literacy. This site is intended to serve those who share our interests and goals as expressed in Ben Elson’s Linguistic Creed."

University Libraries Information Gateway: By Subject - Linguistics
A well organized collection of academic resources.
By Alvin Fritz, Linguistics Librarian, University of Washington Libraries

Yamada Language Center: Language Guides
"The guides contain information about 115 languages [and] there are 112 fonts in our archives, for 40 languages" as of 12/04/99.
University of Oregon

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