Preparing Yourself For Global Careers: International Studies Degree

Are you fascinated with other cultures, their languages and government policies? Would you like to learn the skills and knowledge that are required to forge a career in our increasingly globalized world? Are you an avid follower of major current events from across the globe? If this sounds like you and you would like to prepare for a global career, then an international studies degree might be the perfect choice. It offers a great way to learn more about the various cultures, laws and customs found around the globe. This in turn can help you to become a more informed citizen and provide you with core knowledge from a number of social science fields. In short, if you desire a decent understanding of contemporary global issues, then an international studies degree is one of the best ways to get it.

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International Studies Degree Information

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies is a degree program that is available in both online and on campus formats. This degree requires 120 total credit hours for completion and can lead to careers in government, tourism, international affairs, humanitarian organizations and more. Course topics may include Public Speaking, International Business, Cross-Cultural Communication, Microeconomics, International Economics, English Composition, World Geography, Comparative Politics as well as World History.

Master of Arts in International Studies

The Master of Arts in International Studies is a two year degree program consisting of 90 credits. This type of degree is typically aimed at students who are interested in careers in academia, policy or diplomacy, as well as those who want to pursue a PhD. Core courses for this degree may include International Politics, Revolutions and State Building, Political Economy of Globalization, Problems and Challenges of Democratization, and Comparative Public Policy and Finance. Many degree programs also allow you to select a regional or topical concentration to further customize the program to your specific needs.

Doctor of Philosophy in International Studies

International Studies is also available as a PhD for applicants who already hold a master's degree in a related field of study. This degree typically consists of 78 credits and includes both a written and oral comprehensive examination, dissertation as well as a defense of the dissertation. Required courses may include Research Methods in International Studies, International Economics, Advanced Statistical Techniques for International Studies, and International History.

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International Studies Degree FAQ

Is It Possible To Earn A International Studies Degree Online?

There are a number of International Studies degrees available at both bachelor's as well as master's level that can be completed fully online. Completing an online degree in international studies is a great option if there are no campus based courses in your area or if you are unable to attend classes due to work or family obligations. An online degree from an accredited institution typically not just offers the same quality of education as a campus based degree, but in most instances it is also the more affordable option. In addition to the academic requirements for the degree, you will also need a computer or laptop with an internet connection in order to take part in an online degree program. In addition to online degrees, there are also hybrid programs available where a portion of the course can be completed online and the rest on campus.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study International Studies?

International Studies is obviously the type of degree that is ideal for people who have a keen interest in politics as well as global development. Students should have a love for languages, with foreign language proficiency strongly recommended, and possess excellent analytical skills. In addition, your writing, research and problem solving skills will also be invaluable for this type of degree. Good communication skills is obviously essential as well as good decision making skills. You should also be dedicated and have a good work ethic, especially if you plan on completing your international studies degree online.

What Type of Career Options May Be Available With An International Studies Degree?

International studies is the type of degree that can prepare you for a number of different career paths. Some graduates go on to become political risk analysts or diplomats while others forge careers as commodities traders, communication and media specialists, non-governmental organization leaders and humanitarian affairs officers. Depend on your degree and level of experience, you may be able to find work in private, public and nonprofit sectors both in the United States and abroad.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Employed In This Type of Industry?

Because international studies is such a versatile degree, it can open up a lot of potential career paths, from education and business to law, development, government service, media and communications, as well as environmental sustainability, to name just a few. This makes it very difficult to pinpoint how much you will be able to earn, as this will depend largely on the career path that you choose. The type of degree that you have earned, your level of experience as well as your geographical location are also big factors when it comes to your potential income.

What Are The Other Advantages of An International Studies Degree?

International studies is a degree that can not only help to prepare you for global careers, but also provide you with very important skills that are useful for any type of career path. These include cross-cultural awareness, critical analysis skills as well as research and administrative skills. There are a number of social and political issues that confronts the world and with a degree in international studies you may be better equipped to understand these problems as well as help come up with potential solutions. In addition, international studies tend to be a very flexible degree, which means you can tailor the program to match your professional goals or interests. Thanks to globalization, the international awareness that an international studies degree can offer you will also increase the demand for people with this type of degree.

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