Enhancing The Aesthetics Of A Space - Interior Decorating Degree

Are you able to walk into any room and immediately know what type of furniture or decor can bring out its best? Do you love playing around with the lighting in rooms to enhance the mood or atmosphere of the space? If this sounds like you, then a career as interior decorator will probably be very fulfilling. However, before you can work your magic, you first need to sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge about the subject, which can be accomplished through an interior decorating degree. While no license or formal training is required to become an interior decorator, a degree will not only hone your natural talent, but also prove how dedicated you are to your craft.

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Interior Decorating Degree Information

Interior Decorating Diploma

Earning an interior decorating diploma can be done online in as little as four months. Diploma courses tend to cover all the basics, such as creating color schemes, how to choose fabrics and flooring as well as what the best ways are to arrange furniture. In addition, diploma courses can teach you how to create eye-catching presentations for a variety of spaces.

Associate Degree in Interior Decoration and Design

The Associate Degree in Interior Decoration and Design is a course that takes about 2 years of full-time studying to complete. In addition to learning about the history of colour and design as well as the theories, you can also gain a range of hands-on skills that are relevant to the industry when doing this type of course. These can include learning how to do client presentations, model making, perspective drawing, rending and even architectural drafting. An associate degree in this field can also be a great stepping stone towards obtaining a bachelor’s degree in interior design, which can expand your potential career options even further.

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Interior Decorating Degree FAQ

Can I Study Interior Decorating Online?

Courses in interior decorating are available as either completely online or in hybrid format. Online courses tend to focus on the principles of design as well as topics such as lighting and furniture styles. Online degrees are also available for this subject, but many of these require an on-site internship for completion. When taking this type of course online you require a computer or laptop with internet connection as well as the capabilities to run computer-aided design software.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For This Type Of Career?

One of the most important traits to have as an interior decorator is undoubtedly creativity. In addition to being creative, a good decorator should also be able to communicate clearly and follow instructions. The ability to complete tasks on time is just as important because the process of interior decorating can be disruptive to the client if it takes too long. Another trait that benefits all interior decorators is precision. This means not only being precise when conveying an idea to a client, but also when budgeting for the process. Although not essential, it can be very useful if you have some artistic talent in order to sketch out your designs to present to the client. However, this is also possible with computer software. Good interior decorators are also able to visualize the final result of a project and then work towards making this vision a reality. Finally, you need to be detail oriented and intuitive to become good in this industry and have good business sense if you plan on becoming self-employed.

What Are My Employment Options After I Complete My Studies?

Many interior decorators choose self-employment as this gives them more freedom. However, decorators are also often employed by places such as furnishing or home improvement stores. Design firms, hotels, and restaurant chains also often employ the services of interior decorators to create beautiful spaces.

What Might My Duties Be As An Interior Decorator?

As an interior decorator it will be your responsibility to assist clients with the decoration of their homes or offices. You will use your knowledge and good judgment to transform an ordinary room and turn it into something special. The process typically begins by consulting with the client in order to determine what type of look they would like for the space. During this phase you will usually also need to find out what type of budget your client has for the project. Next, you will then create a detailed plan, which takes into consideration the preferences as well as budget of your client. After this plan is presented to the client and meets their approval you can begin the process of transforming the space. Unlike interior designers, this transformation is done solely through decorations, such as furniture, lighting, plants, artwork, paint, wallpaper, window and floor coverings and color schemes. As an interior decorator you might be able to do everything yourself or subcontract certain parts of the project, such as the painting or carpentry to other people.

How Much Can I potentially Earn In This Industry?

When working as an interior decorator your salary will depend on whether you are working for an employer or self-employed. Some interior decorators work on a commission basis when employed by stores or receive a fixed salary based on skills and experience. When self-employed, your salary will depend on a variety of factors, such as your location, the type of clients you work with and the amount of clients you can handle.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying In This Field?

Like all career fields where creativity is involved, interior decorating can be an immensely rewarding occupation if you enjoy what you are doing. It is also the type of industry where you can be your own boss and run your own business. You will also face different challenges each day, so it is not the type of work where you’ll become easily bored. Since it is a career where you add beauty and comfort to rooms for clients they are typically very grateful for the work you do.

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