The Freedom To Focus On Your Areas of Interest: Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

Do you have multiple areas of interest and don’t want to restrict your career options by focusing on a degree with a very narrow area of focus? Perhaps you are interested in a career that involves cross-disciplinary boundaries. Whichever is the case, a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies can provide you with the freedom to choose which subjects you want to integrate. This unique degree is perfect if you want to broaden your knowledge and can also help you to stay motivated as you are focusing on topics you chose.

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Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Information

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree is typically suited to students who have a keen interest in areas such as communications, human resources, liberal arts, public relations, business issues and environmental studies. The total amount of semester hours required for this type of degree is generally split between general education requirements, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics or computer science as well as a set amount of credit hours at the upper division level.

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree is a science-based program that is typically suited to students who desire to learn a combination of science and humanities, social sciences, business, psychology or other interests. Areas of study favored by students who choose this type of degree tend to range from accounting and paralegal to religion and criminal justice. Like the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree, the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary degree can be completed in about three to four years, depending on the amount of courses you take each semester.

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Interdisciplinary Studies Degree FAQs

Is It Possible To Earn An Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Online?

Online degree programs in Interdisciplinary Studies are available, but may be dependent on the course topics you are interested in. This is because not all course combinations are available fully online due to factors such as practicums or internships being requirements for some. Before enrolling in an online Interdisciplinary Studies program, it is helpful to first consult with an advisor to determine what the best course combinations might be for your career goals. An Interdisciplinary Studies advisor will also be able to assist you with determining which course combinations can be done fully online. Generally, Communication, Humanities, Public Affairs, Health, Education, as well as Behavioral and Social Sciences are examples of subject area concentrations that can be done fully online. Taking this type of course online makes it even more flexible as you are not restricted to when and where you are able to study, but can do so when you are able and wherever you have an internet connection.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For An Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

Good communication skill, the ability to problem solve effectively as well as critical thinking skills are all useful to have when enrolling in an Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. Students should also be highly motivated and have a good overall academic record. Other useful skills and traits to have will depend on the types of courses you choose as part of your degree. Of course, general education requirements typically also still apply for interdisciplinary studies programs. For example, if you plan on completing a bachelor’s degree in this field your college might stipulate that a minimum of 30 credits should be allocated to general education classes. If taking this course online it is important to have personal responsibility, commitment and discipline along with the motivation to learn independently.

Are There Any Type of Restrictions For This Type of Degree?

Depending on where you apply to take part in an interdisciplinary Studies degree program, there may be restrictions in place that are aimed at helping you to avoid taking too many courses from one particular area. Typically, you are also not just allowed to choose your courses at random, but have to be able to explain what the overall theme of your degree will be and what the relation of your chosen disciplines are to each other.

What Are My Career Options After Obtaining An Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

Your career options after completing either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies will depend on the type of courses that you have chosen. For example, many students who have earned a Bachelor of Science degree in this field go on to work in fields as diverse as environmental studies, pharmaceutical sales and healthcare. In general, it is the type of degree that can lead to work in non-profit organizations as well as government and non-government organizations.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn With This Type of Degree?

Earning potential is difficult to narrow down for students with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies as it can lead to so many different types of occupations. For example, students who go on to become meeting, convention, and event planners can earn a median pay of about $47,350 per year according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Another popular career path for students with degrees in liberal arts interdisciplinary studies is that of public relations managers. For this type of career the 2016 median pay was about $107,320 per year.

What Are The Other Advantages To Completing An Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

An Interdisciplinary Studies degree not only provides you with greater flexibility to focus on topics in which you are really interested, but also has other advantages. For example, this type of degree can help to sharpen your analytical skills as well as written communication skills, which is useful no matter what type of employment you gain. A lot of employers also recognize that interdisciplinary studies students tend to be amongst the most widely educated, which can be an advantage in the competitive job market. It also demonstrates flexibility, the ability to adapt well the change and in most cases, intercultural understanding.

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