Insuring That Production Stays In Budget and On Schedule: Industrial Production Management

Are you the type of person who thrives on challenges and working in a competitive environment? Are you a problem solver who would love to play a role in the industrial production industry? Or are you already working in the industry, but would like to enhance your career prospects by continuing your education. Whatever the case may be, an industrial production management degree can help you to stand out in this type of industry. The industrial production industry makes use of a number of computers, machinery and workers and a good manager is required to ensure that everything and everyone work together as efficiently as possible.

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Industrial Production Management Degree Information

Bachelor of Business Administration in Industrial Production Management

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Industrial Production Management is a degree program that can be completed online or at a campus. This type of degree is aimed helping you to develop the mathematical skills you need in order to work with budgets as well as improving your understanding of production chains. Key courses in this Major range from Introduction to Industrial Automation and Inventory Control to Operations Planning & Production Scheduling, Facilities Design & Management, Procurement & Global Sourcing, and more. Students are often also able to customize their degree with a specialty, such as Supply Chain & Logistics.


Certification is generally not required to enter the occupation, but there are certifications available for those who want to showcase their competency. For example, APICS - the association for supply chain management, offers the APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) credential. The CPIM designation is useful for earning a higher salary, improving your hiring potential as well as building credibility within the industry. Earning this type of certification requires the completion of an exam and you must also maintain your certification to remain in good standing.

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Industrial Production Management Degree FAQ

Is It Possible To Earn An Industrial Production Management Degree Online?

Although industrial production management degree programs are commonly available on-campus, there are also a few online options to choose from. Choosing an online option provides students with the freedom of completing their degree from wherever they choose. This not only means less hassle with commuting, but also enables students of coordinating their class schedule around work or family obligations. Typically, a computer or laptop that meets the minimum requirements specified by the online institution where you plan on studying is required. You should also have access to the internet in order to take part in the online classroom as well as communicate with fellow students or lecturers. Many online schools provide access to virtual classroom programs, that enables you to view your course materials, submit assignments and take part in discussion forums. Finally, online degree programs are often more cost effective than their campus based counterparts.

Who Would Be An Ideal Candidate To Study For This Type of Degree?

Industrial production management typically requires you to work well with other manager and staff, which means you must have very good interpersonal skills and possess excellent communication skills. The ability to motivate those who you manage is just as important, so leadership skills are definitely a must. Without good leadership skills the production process might not run as smoothly as expected. Like any other occupation, unexpected problems can occur during the production process, which requires you to have good problem-solving skills in order to find solutions. Since you’ll not only be managing your own time, but also those who work for you, it is vital to have good time-management skills. Because you may have a lot of responsibilities, it is a career choice that is ideally suited for people who are self-confident, assertive and able to cope with a lot of stress. Finally, it is the type of career that requires that you are able to multi-task efficiently and keep calm if things go wrong.

How To Prepare For This Type of Degree?

If you are still in school you can prepare for an Industrial Production Management degree and working in the industry by taking computer courses. This is because computers play an important role in the industrial production process, from running some assembly-line machinery to inventory management. Taking accounting in school can help to prepare you for working with budgets while building up your communication skills will make it easier to write reports or interact with employees when working in the industry.

What Type of Career Options May Be Available With An Industrial Production Management Degree?

Depending on the type of degree that you have earned and the amount of experience you have there are a number of potential jobs. These range from production manager to industrial line supervisor, management analyst, human resources manager, industrial business consultant and more.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn As An Industrial Production Manager?

According to information published by the United Statues Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for people employed as industrial production managers was about $105,480 in 2019. While this figure is as low as $58,610 for those in the lowest 10 percent, it can be $165,450 and higher for the top 10 percent. The top industries for industrial production managers, in terms of median annual wages, are chemical manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, food manufacturing, and fabricated metal product manufacturing.

What Type of Duties Might I Have When Employed In This Type of Industry?

When employed as an industrial production manager, most of your time will be devoted to overseeing the daily operations that goes on at your place of employment. This typically involves a lot of planning and coordinating as well as directing the activities that need to take place for production. Other responsibilities may include making sure that everything stays within the budget and on schedule, the creation of production reports, as well as addressing any problems that may occur during production. Industrial production managers are also always analyzing production data and working on ways in which the production process can be streamlined. Often your time at work will be split between your office and the production area itself.

What Are The Other Benefits To Studying For An Industrial Production Management Degree?

One of the biggest benefits of becoming an industrial production manager is the competitive salaries that are offered in the industry. It is also a career path that opens up a lot of specialties and industries in which you can work due to the number of products that are manufactured. Of course, the management skills that you hone by completing an industrial production management degree can be used in virtually any type of job.

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