Combining Business And Psychology For The Benefit of Employer and Employees: Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree

While profit is the driving force behind most organizations, there is also a bigger focus than ever before on the mental well-being of their workforce. Companies have realized that the wellbeing of their employees can have a big impact on their workplace productivity. If you are interested in studying psychological theories and principles that are related to organizations then an Industrial Organizational Psychology degree could be very beneficial. It is a great field of study for anyone with a desire to understand human behavior related to their workplace. With this type of degree you’ll be ideally suited to not only match up individuals with the types of jobs where they might excel, but also help to increase the performance of the workforce for organizations.

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Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree Information

Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a degree program with a focus on the behavioral aspects related to managing and supervising employees. This type of course is aimed at students who aspire towards working in fields such as general management, organizational behavior or human resources. In additional to general-education requirements, this type of program may also include courses such as Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Statistics, Organizational Psychology, Managerial Economics, Marketing Concepts and Technical Writing.

Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology is a degree program that can take between two and four years to complete. In order to complete this degree there is no need for a thesis, which means it is a coursework-only degree. Courses that form part of this degree may include Applied Industrial Psychology, Applied Psychological Research Design, Applied Measurement Theory, Applied Organizational Development and much more. This type of degree program may also require you to work with other students on various projects in order to prepare you for a career in this field.

Doctor of Philosophy In Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The Industrial and Organizational Psychology Doctor of Philosophy degree program is aimed at students with a master’s degree who wishes to continue their studies and become scholars or researchers. Required courses for this type of degree may include Research Methods in Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Multivariate Analysis, Ethics and Professional Issues, and more. Students may also be required to take advanced statistics courses as well as attend seminars related to organizational psychology as well as industrial psychology. Finally, students will have to prove that they can perform independent scholarly work by submitting a dissertation.

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Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree FAQ

Can This Type of Degree Be Studied Online?

Industrial Organizational Psychology is typically offered as a master’s degree, so there are numerous online options available. Before enrolling in an online course for this degree you must fulfill all the requirements as well as have access to the necessary tools, such as a computer and internet connection. Completing this type of degree online offers greater flexibility than a campus based course, but still requires a significant investment in time and work. Since online programs tend to be self-paced, it does provide you with the ability to continue your studies while still being able to fulfill work or family obligations.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Industrial Organizational Psychology?

The ideal candidate to study industrial-organizational psychology is obviously someone who has a strong interest in the field of psychology. Due to the nature of careers in this field, it will also be beneficial for candidates to be interested in areas such as computers, engineering, statistics and product design. This type of degree is also suitable for people who would like to use the skills they learn for practical applications.

What Type of Career Paths Might Be Available With A Degree In Industrial Organizational Psychology?

The knowledge and skills gained from a degree in industrial-organizational psychology can potentially open a lot of doors in different industries. Typical areas of employment for people with this degree range from human resource management and statistical decision making to consultation, data analysis, training as well as compensation. Many I-O psychologists also pursue careers in research or prefer working in academic positions.

What Type of Duties Do People With This Type of Degree Typically Perform?

The duties of people with degrees in industrial-organizational psychology differ depending on their place of employment as well as position. However, there are a few key areas that people with this type of degree tend to focus on. This includes training and development, employee selection, performance management and organizational development. I-O psychologists might also focus on increasing productivity while improving employee satisfaction or work on procedures that reduce the risk of injury in the workplace while improving performance.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Employed As An Industrial-Organizational Psychologist?

Your place of employment, as well as geographical location, can have a big influence on how much you’ll be able to earn as an industrial-organizational psychologist. For example, according to the occupational employment statistics published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for people in this profession is about $111,150. This figure drops as low as $51,080 for the lowest 10% and as high as $197,700 for the top 90%. The top-paying industries for industrial-organizational psychologists are scientific research and development services, followed by management of companies and enterprises. States such as Virginia and New Jersey also tend to pay much higher annual mean wages than other states like Florida and Massachusetts.

What Are The Other Advantages of Studying Industrial Organizational Psychology?

Studying Industrial Organizational Psychology can be very rewarding if you are passionate about the object and would love to assist organizations as well as their employees to reach their full potential. Due to the nature of the coursework when studying this subject, it can also help to prepare you for working in a variety of business settings. Not only can this type of degree open up a fair number of career opportunities, especially with a Master’s degree or higher, but there are also many diverse career paths available as well as the option to become self-employed.

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