Help Shape The World Around You: Industrial Design Degree

Everything we see in the world around us has been through a meticulous design process. Everything from the form and function of a product, to its usability and physical ergonomics had to be conceived long before it went into production. If you would like to use your creativity and ingenuity to be a part of this process, then a degree industrial design will help you to bring your ideas to life. It is a creatively stimulating industry where you get to create as well as improve while working with other experts in fields such as engineering. Through a fusion of creativity with numerous analytical processes, industrial designers have the ability to create iconic works that can make a significant impact on culture.

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Industrial Design Degree Information

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design

Taking part in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program for industrial design usually means that you start off with topics related to the fundamental knowledge and skills required for the industry. This includes model-making, drawing and digital media. This is followed by design courses and the total duration for completing this degree can be up to four years.

Bachelor of Science of Industrial Design

The Bachelor of Science of Industrial Design is another option if you want a balance of theory, skill and practice in one curriculum. This four year course includes visual communications education in sketching and digital techniques as well as design history and theory, materials and manufacturing, model-making and sustainability. Part of the degree consists of core curriculum courses while the rest might be elective courses.

Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design

With the Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design program you will be able to take your skills in research, problem solving and digital technology related to the industry to new levels. You will be required to master industrial design research, developmental drawing, 3D model-making, materials and processes as well as other skills. Typically this type of degree takes about two years to complete. The focus of the first year tends to be seminar courses while the second year is usually devoted to the research and development of a thesis project.

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Industrial Design Degree FAQ

Can I Obtain This Type of Degree Through Online Studies?

Online programs are available that allow you to complete your studies over the internet. This is a great option if you have other commitments, such as family or a busy work schedule that make it impossible to attend a campus. Some courses provide an interactive classroom experience, which means that in addition to video demonstrations and live lectures you can also interact with other students on discussion boards or receive video and audio feedback. BFA as well as MFA degrees in industrial design are available via online programs. Through the completing of this course you will typically learn how to apply critical thinking, how to identify and resolve design problems along with other skills related to the design industry. To take part in these courses online you need an internet connected laptop or computer as well as the required software, such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Industrial Design?

Like all career fields that involve design, industrial design is ideally suited for someone with a lot of imagination and a flair for creative thinking. Strong abilities in math and science shouldn’t be overlooked either as industrial design requires these skills as well. You must also be willing to learn a lot of technical knowledge while keeping an open mind to new possibilities. Industrial design is not just focused on the physical attributes of the objects, but also the way in which the object will be experienced and used by different people. This requires the ability to think out of the box and a love for working with technology as well as materials. Being inventive is just as essential and, of course, good communication skills are always a plus.

What Are My Potential Career Options After Obtaining A Degree In This Field?

Industrial designers are employed in a variety of industries that are related to the design and production of products. These can range from furniture and toys to packaging, health care, medical products, consumer goods and much more. Consulting firms that specialize in the design of products and services for different clients also employ industrial designers with the right qualifications. If there are environmental or social issues you want to address with your skills then employment with a nongovernmental organization or nonprofit institution can be a good option. Finally, many graduates also choose to establish their own design and manufacturing ventures to go into business for themselves.

What Can I Expect When Working In The Industrial Design Industry?

Working in a profession related to industrial design means contributing towards the development of products. These products should not only serve the needs of consumers and society, but also manufacturers as well as the environment. This means coming up with designs that are useful and safe, in addition to being aesthetically appropriate and ecologically sound. You will also be expected to solve intellectual and creative challenges that are related to the physical design industry. Although you will primarily spend your time working in offices, you might also have to travel to other locations, such as testing facilities, design centers and product manufacturing centers.

What Type of Salary Is Possible When Working As An Industrial Designer?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, industrial designers earned a median pay of $67,130 per year during 2015. Although they also estimate that employment growth will be slower than average for other occupations there will always be consumer demand for new product styles in this industry.

What Are The Other Advantages To Obtaining A Degree In This Field?

Completing your studies and obtaining a degree in industrial design is not only useful for taking up leading positions in the field of design. Because the courses are quite comprehensive and teaches you skills not only in design, but also marketing and technology, it can open up a lot of diverse career opportunities.

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