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East India Company - History

The Edicts of King Ashoka
An English rendering by Ven. S. Dhammika
Electronic edition. Originally published in 1993 by the Buddhist Publication Society

Medieval India (600 BC - 1526 AD)

The Memoirs of Babur
The first of the Mughal rulers

Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET)

  • Flowers Underfoot
    "...on-line exploration of Indian carpets of the Mughal era was created in conjunction with the international exhibition 'Flowers Underfoot' (November 20, 1997 - March 1, 1998). Examples from the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art illustrate the exceptionally high artistic achievement of Indian carpet weaving during the late sixteenth through the eighteenth century."
    Sections include: Historical Background ; Construction ; Design ; Use ; Works of Art ; Resources ; Activities.

The Mughal Legacy:
The Golden Age of Northern India, 1526-1858

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