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Ancient India
Topics include: Ancient Indian Religion ; Culture of Ancient India ; Resources.
Maintained by Richard Hines, Washington State University.

The British Museum - Illuminating World Cultures
"...is a unique tool for the study of world history. A series of culture-based websites look in depth at the achievements of some of the most remarkable world civilizations. The Ancient Civilizations site itself focuses on important cross-cultural themes of human development, showing how societies have interacted and influenced one another."

  • Ancient India
    Sections include: The Buddha ; Geography ; Early Hinduism ; Indus Valley ; Time ; Writing.

Educational Council on Indic Traditions
"This Council therefore will be involved in the process of conducting independent research to (a) document the contributions by India to world civilization, and to (b) ascertain the degree to which the Indic traditions and their contributions are accurately and adequately portrayed in contemporary American society. Preliminary findings indicate that Indic traditions, which include Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism, have been and continue to be misrepresented, stereotyped, or pigeon-holed both in academic institutions and by the mass media."

Exploring Ancient World Cultures Chronology: India
A well designed timeline with relevant links
Maintained by Anthony F. Beavers, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion, University of Evansville

Jambudvipa - Indology and Sanskrit Studies
"Indological and Indology Related Resources: a Vademecum for the Indologist, the Sanskrit Scholar and the Amateur of Ancient and Classical Indian Culture (Sanskrit Literature, Sanskrit E-texts, Indian Philosophy, Indian Religion, Indian Mythology, Indian Art)."
A well designed and wonderful resource.
By Paolo Magnone

The Laws of Manu, c. 1500 BCE
Translated by G. Buhler. From the Indian History Sourcebook

Peoples and Languages in Pre-Islamic Indus Valley
Essay by Dr. Tariq Rahman

"The following material is designed to provide an entry into the study of this tradition. We hope that it will be useful to teachers and students of Indian culture...This work is collected from the institute, "The Ramayana, an Enduring Tradition: its Text and Context" in 1997 and an earlier Ramayana Institute in 1994, as well as updates from the South Asia Center at Syracuse University."

Sarasvati Sindhu Civilization - (dead link)
(Vedic / Indus) Civilization, Language and Script
"This web details the heritage evolved over two millennia from ca. 3300 B.C.
(or, from about two centuries before the start of Kaliyuga)"

Vedas and Upanishads
A useful overview with some links to the online texts translated by Beck.
By Sanderson Beck

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