Online Humanities & Social Sciences Degree Programs

An online degree in humanities (sometimes called human services) or social sciences teaches students how to research, explore and report on a variety of topics related to human development. Online humanities programs combine a student's innate desire to help others with the necessary management, organization skills and evaluation criteria to effectively do so. The degree program is a good option for individuals wishing to become a counselor, schoolteacher, social worker or therapist.Start your path toward a new career today and learn more about the social sciences degree program that most appeals to you.

Humanities & Social Sciences Degree Programs

Humanities & Social Sciences Degree Information

Humanities and Social Sciences Education Requirements

Necessary schooling for human services ranges considerably depending on the intended career path. Entry-level humanities careers, such as social and human service assisting typically require an associate's degree or comparable work experience.

However, a Bachelor in Human Services is typically the benchmark for beginning a career in social sciences. Four-year online human services programs typically include coursework in such topics as psychology, sociology, political science and anthropology. For some career paths, a minor or double major is recommended to further facilitate comprehension in specialized topics such as child development, public policy or behavioral disorders.

As job competition is above average in the field of social sciences, earning an online master's degree in the humanities is often an excellent way to improve job prospects. For both undergraduate and graduate students wishing to become teachers, it is important to enroll in a program that allows students to obtain teaching licensure. Accredited programs that properly prepare students to pass the PRAXIS teacher's exam are at institutions such as Walden University, Regis University, University of Phoenix and Capella University.

Humanities and Social Sciences Career Paths

The majority of online social science graduates go on to work in the field of education as schoolteachers or counselors. A humanities background prepares future teachers to instruct students at all school levels in subjects such as history, social studies and economics. Sociology is another popular career path, allowing students to explore demographic trends and group dynamics. Other notable careers open to social science degree-holders include archaeologist, geographer, writer, historian, social worker and cartographer.

Due to increased government spending on social programs and a retiring human services workforce, job prospects are good for those seeking an online degree in humanities and social sciences. However, a large amount of graduating social sciences students has made competition for the most desirable employment opportunities tough.

Expected salary for humanities and social science careers depends on the specific field of entry. Those with a bachelor's degree start with a median salary between $28,800 and $35,570. Median yearly salaries as estimated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor for specific job categories are as follows:

  • Archaeologist: $49,930
  • Historian: $48,520
  • Geographer: $62,990
  • Sociologist: $60,290
  • Political Scientist: $90,140
  • High-school teacher: $51,493

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